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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Devil is in the Details

I am not a detail person. For example, when I planned to adopt several children, I didn’t think about laundry or dishes. I don’t think about details.

So, when I decided to have surgery, I didn’t think about details. And, since my approach to surgery has been to try not to think about it at all ever until it happens so that I don’t change my mind, the detail things just kind of went by the wayside. However, today I had to think about the fact that I am going to have surgery.

I had to have my pre-op tests done. I went into our local clinic to see one of our 3 doctors (we have three that go to our church, and so they are “ours” even though the female one of the three is usually the one we see, but she’s out this week. So I made the appointment.

HOWEVER, I didn’t think it through. I saw that I needed an EKG and a blood test and a couple other things, but I have been putting off the old leg-armpit shaving thing until the day before surgery. I mean it’s winter in MN for goodness sake, and with the sheer area I have to cover in order to shave, I don’t want to have to do it too many times.

Well, I get there and all of the sudden they are telling me to take of my shirt and bra and I think “Oh CRAP .... I haven’t shaved in weeks.” And they taped all those EKG things to my legs. And I’m thinking, “WHAT was I thinking? It’s going to be so much worse next week!”

I insisted on getting dressed for our friend the mail doctor. I figured he could hear my heart through my clothes and I was right.

I still have to go back for a spinometry or some kind of lung test tomorrow or Thursday, but otherwise I’m free and clear to be CUT up.


At 6:17 PM, Blogger QueenBee said...

I'm dying of laughter at your expense. Reminds me of a female surgery I had a couple of years ago. I was so nervous about hte surgery the doctor prescribed a mild tranquilizer for me to take the week of the surgery. Evidently, it worked. A little too well I might add. It was a week after the procedure, when I was going in for a follow up that I realized I hadn', well, "prepared" for the whole naked thing appropriately. Thanks for the laughter.


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