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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Not Updated in A While ... Why?

1) Because I haven’t had much time because my other blog requires hourly updates as our lives stink lately.

2) Because I didn’t have much good news.

3) Because my weight hadn’t changed in a long time.

But... two weeks ago tomorrow I weighed in and saw no change. Then I went to the Y five days in a row last week. Then I didn’t for three days.

But today I beat Jimmy in racquetball (he beat me on Friday and I was downright MAD) and then weighed in and I’ve lost 4 pounds. That makes it 44 altogether and it gives me hope.

If I can lose 5 more pounds I will way less than I have since I dieted after my breast reduction, which would be the least I’ve weighed since 1994.

And I’ve told myself I can get some new clothes if I lose 50, which is only 6 pounds away. However, we’re pretty broke and I still have some that fit me, so I probably won’t yet...

But still, I’m encouraged.


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