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Friday, January 13, 2006

The Beginning of the End

Today and tomorrow are my last days to eat anything I want. Jimmy told me a couple days ago, “It’s OK Mom. You still hab four days to eat a lotta food.” Well, now we’re down to two days.

This is really sucky planning, too, because me, the detail ignorer, didn’t put two and two together. Bart is going to be gone. He is going to a meeting in the Cities today and tomorrow and won’t be home until tomorrow night. That means that my last two days of eating, the best cook in town, who is my private chef, is not going to be here and the worst cook in town (me) is left to do so. We’re going out.

Starting at midnight on Saturday night I do not get to eat anything until after surgery, when I only drink for two weeks. And, starting at midnight on Sunday night, I don’t even get to DRINK anything. And, if I understand it correctly, the first thing that I do get to drink is a big cup of that chalky stuff that you take before an x-ray or cat scan.

The most serious warning we received is that we absolutely cannot throw up. And that big jug of chalky stuff makes me gag just thinking about it. ..


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