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Friday, August 11, 2006

Racquetball Again

I am way too competitive. I always have been. But I’ve never been almost 43, 276 pounds, and this out of shape before.

So Jimmy beats me two games in a row. My face is beat red, every part of me hurts, and sweat is pouring off me (something, as a matter of principal, that I try to NEVER let happen, and what do I say?

I glare at him, frightening him with my intensity and say, 3 out of 5, pal.

I win the next one, but he comes back and beats me in the 4th game 18-16 (we play to 15 but you have to sin by 2).

I guess it’s good I’m so competitive because it’s giving me a real workout, but I am so tired and sore right now! I’m way too fat, old and out of shape to have the “killer instinct” when playing with a 14 year old.


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