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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Back at My Desk and The Bottom Line

Well, I had arrived at the hospital 48 hours ago and I“m already back at my desk. It is probably against better judgement, but I was getting so bored. I really feel pretty good. I intend to take plenty of breaks, so don’t start lecturing me.

I figured instead of trying to go through things chronologically, I would blog about the surgery in themes. But this is the bottom line conclusion of my hospital experience.

Three years ago I had a breast reduction, complete with projectile vomiting that I was thrilled with because it actually hit my feet instead of my chest, which every dropped food particle, every drool, and every other thing that came out of my mouth had landed for many, many years.

This was cake compared to it. The night was long, as I could not get comfortable to sleep. It wasn’t the pain, just the bed and the setting. Yesterday was annoying because I couldn’t get discharged and I was ready to go by noon -- took until 4 and I was bored, annoyed and restless.

The Bodie Bunch sent me flowers (more on that in another post -- THANKS GUYS -- as did my husband’s side of the family. Bart has been an AWESOME caretaker (those classes in Pastoral Care must have helped) and the kids were very quiet last night and this morning letting me rest.

I slept really well and was able to sleep on my side last night (unlike with my last surgery where I was in the recliner for two weeks).

Bart went to the store and bought all kinds of tasty liquids for me to drink over the next two weeks. I’m starting out my morning with 2 oz of PIna Colada V8 Splash that is quite tasty.

I’ll blog more as I have time and feel better. Right now I’m going through emails...


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