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Thursday, June 12, 2008

And the Answer is...

TONY came to the Y with us. Oppositional and very overweight Tony came, weighed himself to give us a reference point, and then got busy working hard the whole 40 minutes. I was quite proud of him. He really wasn’t even mouthy. I know, shocking. maybe it was because I woke him up so early.

I managed 3.5 mph with a 3.5 incline for 12 minutes and 50 seconds, and 1 minute and 10 seconds at 4.0 mph at a 3.5 upgrade. I’m trying to add just ten seconds a day to that part... but I did increase my heart rate to 166. Is there a point when it gets too high?

I finished out the forty minutes warming up and cooling down on the exercise bike. Tomorrow’s goal? 14 minutes and 40 seconds at 3.5 with 3.5 incline and 1 minute and 20 seconds at 4.0.

I have had a couple glasses of water before noon and am heading up to have “the sandwich” for lunch, having had only a protein bar (110 calories) for breakfast.

Still trucking along, building on success, one day at a time.


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