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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Very Little Internal Arguing

Going to the Y each morning has become a habit. I have been going 4-5 times a week since March and I think I have been six days a week, sometimes seven, since mid-April with only a couple exceptions. So when I wake up in the morning there is no argument. I just get up. Having Sadie come along is also very helpful. I'm not sure whether she gets much of a workout, but having her come along keeps me accountable. I can't imagine what she would say if I said, "I don't really feel like going today." In fact, I may not have skipped on Saturday if she had been home.

This morning's workout was another good one. 3 minute warm up on the bike, then 34 on the treadmill (8 intervals at 3.0 incline and 4.4 mph with 2.8 mph recovery times of two minutes each -- followed by 1 minute of lunges on each side, and 1 minute of sidestepping at 1.0 mph on each side) then 3 more cool down on the bike. Total of about 4,500 steps which is great. Next week I am going to up it to 36 on the treadmill and either increase my incline or my mph, though I'm practically running right now.

Ate the way I was supposed to yesterday, so that is good. And drank all my water along with some crystal light. Still no pop or caffeine.


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