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Friday, July 11, 2008

First Wii Fit Experience

Tony, Jimmy and I created profiles on the Wii. My BMI as you can imagine is high -- I'll try to remember what it is tomorrow. My weight is less on this board than at the Y, so I like that, but obviously in the obese category.

And my age according to the balance test? 66. Isn't that great news?????

I did a 2 minute run. Also headed soccer balls, which I did better than Tony or Jimmy. I'm going to have figure out why my pedometer didn't register all the steps.

So many things to think about.

But overall, this will be a good tool. And the kids are having fun getting exercise at this point, which is not going to hurt them.


At 2:47 PM, Blogger momma-o-minnie said...

It's time to update your readers on your weight loss and give us a picture, if possible.... You are giving us all of this positive news, now give us a visual!!!


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