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Monday, July 14, 2008


Don't even THINK about talking to the punctuation police. i gained 2.5 pounds some how this week.

No, I can probably take away a bit for the average bowel movement factor described here and possibly rationalize a bit that I'm building some muscle. And I did forget and drink about 4 ounces of water on my way there. BUT, regardless of how I rationalize this is NOT GOOD NEWS.

There were several meals this week (maybe 5 or 6) where I went off the plan and splurged and obviously I can't do that. I have been drinking my water, getting my exercise, and completely off pop and caffeine. But apparently I need to get the lap band filled and I need to be very strict with what goes into my mouth. I do NOT want this weight to come back on.

BUT, the good news is that I had ever reason on the list to not go the Y this morning. My alarm didn't go off (still don't know why) and so I woke up making me 10 minutes later than usual. I could not find my Nalgene bottle with the mouth guard thingy, so I had to take Bart's, which I hate. I could not find my earbuds, so I took ones that did not work.

So by the time I sat down on the bike this morning I was good and mad. My Ipod was not working. I had gained 2.5 pounds. I had the wrong water bottle. Previously, i would have just called it quits and gone home. but instead, I channeled that anger and worked hard.

Did 34 minutes on the treadmill -- 6 to warm up at 3.0/2.8 mph and then did FOUR POINT FOUR (yes, that is 4.4) MPH at 3.0 inclines for 8 separate minutes. Heart rate was about 160 at it's peak. I cooled down with one full minute of lunges on each leg and one full minute of side stepping at 1.0 mph. Did the remaining 6 minutes of my workout on the exercise bike.

I've had 24 ounces of water this morning and my pedometer is already reading 5100 steps. According to the pedometer website, I have walked 50 miles this month, my average daily steps being 8,480 for the first week, and 5,971 for the second.

This week should be higher.

So I'm going to keep going even though I am very, very mad.


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