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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Longest Workout ever that almost wasn't one at all...

Last night was a bad one, as indicated in the other blog. Kari had indicated she wasn't going to come to the Y with me and I decided I just didn't have what it took to go alone. I went back to bed an finally decided that going to the Y couldn't possibly make me feel any worse than I already did. So I went.

Once I got on the bike, I couldn't make myself go to the treadmill so I stayed there an extra ten minutes. And then I told myself when I got on the treadmill that I could stop whenever I wanted to, but I set it for the normal 20 minutes and I went ahead and finished it. And I felt much better. My head seemed to clear a little bit.

So I'm glad I went. I am still exhausetd, but at least I"m not feeling completely hopeless.


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