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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Can it Really be True?

Can it really be true that I have more energy already? I’m sure that health food maniac Cindy will tell you right away that I have more energy because all that junk isn’t going into my body. Truth is, yesterday I could not nap, and last night I couldn’t fall asleep. It wasn’t pain, really, I had some discomfort but the liquid Ibuprofen was working well (and doesn’t taste absolutely horrible by the way like I understand liquid Tylenol with Codeine does). It was that I wasn’t tired. This morning, I was up at 7:30 by choice and raring to go.

Part of it is that I have the week off, so I can do what I want to with my time so I wanted to get up, but I really wasn’t that tired. I’m sure it also has to do with the fact that Bart is doing so much of what I usually do. But I truly seem to have more energy... three days after surgery and I’m feeling the effects? I hate to be that optimistic, but just maybe...


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