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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Male Pregnancy

I am going to attempt to post things I thought were funny or of interested during my surgery.

They won’t necessarily be in order, but simply be posted in the order my mind receives them as memories of significance.

The thing I dreaded most about the surgery was knowing that the first thing I would be drinking was in preparation for an x-ray. Having to do this a couple years ago, I was dreading the 20 oz of chalky gunk that nearly made me puke then. Instead, it turned out it was only two swallows of bitter barium, and it wasn’t that bad.

However, when I was wheeled down to the x-ray room, the main x-ray doctor had disappeared so I had quite a wait. I was being entertained by a kid named Josh who said he was 24 but I could have sworn he was 14. I’m getting SO old. Anyway, he was quite chatty and we talked football, we talked family, we talked his upcoming marriage, he talked and he talked and he talked.

Finally I was looking for a new conversation piece when I saw this sign on the wall. The English stated, “If you are pregnant, please notify your technician.” And the Spanish translation begain, “Si usted es embarazado.”

If you know anything about Spanish, you know that adjectives ending in o are for males, adjectives ending in a are for females. So basically the translator screwed up... and was suggesting that all of the pregnant males notify their technician. I pointed this out to Josh and suggested that he might want to tell that to the next person he was trying to make conversation with while they located the doctor who had disappeared, leaving his pager on the desk.


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