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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Price is Too High

Have you ever driven by an airport and contemplating buying a jet? Longed for a jet? Wished you had a jet? I never have. Price is WAY too high.

That’s what I discovered last night when I sat at a table full of my kids and a PCA and watched them all eat Pizza Hut while I had my 2 oz of pureed cream of potato soup.

I looked at it and it looked really good, but I was not interested. I felt full enough, but the key was that the price would be WAY too high. I just did all that surgery and eating pizza right now would make me, I’m sure, sicker than a Georgian red-necked dog (yes that was for Cindy). Besides, why pay all that money and spend all that time going through this just to ruin it.

The price is too high. That’s why bariatric surgery works.


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