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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Update and Why I haven't Blogged

Reasons I haven’t blogged:

1) The scales that said I had already lost weight were not correct. Truth is, I have only lost 25 not 35.

2) Last time I weighed on the same correct scales I had weighed on before I had gained a pound. This made me very crabby.

3) I have had lots of poop problems. Not pooping enough, pooping too much. Now apparently there are side effects to Dieter’s Tea which I am experiencing this very moment.

4) I am not going to be getting my band filled on Monday like I was supposed to because of a business trip. Then, because of another trip I have to wait until March 23rd to get my first fill, which means that the “feel full” feeling isn’t happening.

5) I am not eating exactly what I am supposed to eat and so I hate posting it.

6) I was doing great with exercise but the past 3 days I have felt awful and been so busy trying to get ready for my trip that I haven’t gone. Fitness center closes at 5 on Saturdays as well, so I probably won’t be able to go again until Thursday. Not good.

Enough reasons?


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