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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Exercise on January 4, 2007

i was planning to go the YMCA for 40 mintues today, but I only had 40 minutes ... and an argument with Salinda took some of that time, plus I was cleaning the kitchen and on my feet for 45 minutes and my back was killing me so much that I knew I wasn't going to be able to play racquetball.

So, I failed today.

What about y'all? Did you exercise today?


At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so can i join ya?
I am afraid to get on tne scale at the moment! holidays are tough for dieting!

At 6:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exercise, ugh. . . I just can't get with the program. I did bring in two huge wheelbarrows full of firewood for the furnace, and walked to the mailbox and back, quite purposefully, I thought. But I also got a better grasp on why I don't eat healthy meals enough. It's a real time-consuming pain to prepare said meals! My cousin and our "shared" hired hand were pulling fence across the road today, so I fixed lunch. A lean ground beef w/brown rice casserole, roasted cauliflower, steamed broccoli, and tossed salad. I started at 11:45, and left the kitchen at 3:00. (Sorry, I forgot to look at the clock to tell you how much of that time was food consumption with accompanying storytelling.) But still! (she whined with great emphasis) Tomorrow's another day!

At 8:29 PM, Blogger Susan said...

I didn't exercise, but ate ok, although I embarrassingly have to admit that this is my 6th day and that's sort of my wall. I start feeling deprived and unloved (thanks mom for never saying I love you but always having sweets : )

At 10:36 PM, Anonymous Cindy said...

breakfast - jimmy dean bacon, egg and cheese biscuit

lunch - a child size hamburger pizza

dinner - tuna casserole, two servings and two brownies

after dinner snack - A FREAKIN' PINT of cookies and cream ice cream.

I'm being kicked out of the club, aren't I? I suck at dieting.

At 7:10 AM, Blogger Claudia said...

Yes, Beth, you can join us.

And no, Cindy, there is nothing you can do to get kicked out.

I'm going to Olive Garden for a "light lunch" with my husband today. LOL.

At 6:10 PM, Anonymous Cindy said...

Hey Claudia, how much did you exercise today? ;)

At 9:41 PM, Blogger Claudia said...

funny, cindy ...

zero minutes

absolute zero


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