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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another morning workout

Was at the Y by 5:10 again this morning. Today I decided to change my workout by increasing the incline to 5%. Wow, that made a big difference. I was only able to push myself to go for 16 minutes at that incline, but 10 of those I went at 3.7 MPH!!! I want to increase that by 2 minutes a day until I can go 25, maybe even 30 minutes at that speed and at that incline. I surprised myself that I could go even that long at that speed with an incline. And it certainly increased my heart rate.

I finished my 40 minutes by doing 24 minutes on the exercise bike.

While there I listened to a the Writer’s on Writing podcast and today’s interview was with Manil Suri who is a very interesting person ( and whose website I really like. Bart an I are thinking about creating a website like this for the promotion of the book we are writing). He is a mathematics professor who is also a writer and has made many efforts to combine his two fields of interest. For example, he gives speeches on infinity to writer’s conferences and has written a short story about math and talks about doing “mathematical outreach.”

Listening to this kind of stuff while exercise almost makes me forget that is what I’m doing. And considering how much I don’t like exercise, any distraction helps!


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