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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another Goal Reached

I did it this morning. 40 minutes on treadmill, 15 of them at 3.5 mph. I could not get that heart rate higher than 159 though. I’m not sure what to do. I think may be I just need to bring Tony with me and have him stand in front of the treadmill and taunt me as he does all day long at home. I bet I could get my heart rate up then.

I then cooled down with 5 minutes on the exercise bike.

Starting Monday I will increase the grade incrementally. And start adding evening walks. Maybe just maybe I’ll start heading to some of those other scary looking machines with arm movements or stair steps or something. But that’s down the road a bit.

I am never hungry, thanks to the lap band. The lap band is a great too, but so easy to cheat.

As I have said multiple times, “If I only ate when I was hungry, I wouldn’t weigh this much now.”

But it is nice to not always have those physical hunger pains. If I eat three very small meals a day and I don’t snack. It is very simple.

So, upward and onward I go. How’s everyone else doing?


At 11:04 AM, Blogger Ann said...

Hi Claudia-Yes, I'm still going. I walked by the treadmill this morning with NO intention of getting on. However, your Friday post inspired me, so I went back downstairs and did it. I went longer, faster and farther than ever before. (And I can feel it, too. YIKES!) Thanks for the motivation, Claudia. I look forward to reading about your success.

At 1:24 PM, Blogger Mindy said...

Congrats on your milestone! Those other scary machines might be the ticket to getting the heart rate up. The quickest way to raise heart rate and burn more calories is to work on total body movement. That's something I've been working on with my cardio dvd's, anyway. Best of luck next week! I'm rooting for you!



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