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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Still Going

I haven’t updated as much as I should lately, but I’m still going strong on attempting to exercise and cut food intake. I have set up another doctor’s appointment for next week and maybe I’ll get another fill if he thinks it is necessary. When I weighed in on Tuesday, I had not lost anything, but I am attributing it to water weight as I ate the saltiest sunflower seeds in excess the night before and my fingers were swollen.

This morning I was at the Y for the third day in a row. I’m attempting to go seven days straight so that I can see how much that affects my weight loss. I went to have my A1C tested yesterday so that the doctor can determine if it has come down in the past 3 months. If it hasn’t I will have to start taking medicine for diabetes, which I really do not want to do. I am really hoping my hard work has paid off.

I am increasing my time on the treadmill and lessening my time on the exercise bike. I have a bad back, so walking has been painful, but i am trying to strengthen it by adding two minutes a day. I am up to 28 minutes and when I can spend the whole forty on the treadmill and not ride the bike, then I may start walking a little in the evenings too.

I have lost about 20 pounds in the last 9 weeks. I need to keep going.... The lap band keeps me from being hungry so as long as i can conquer the hungry THOUGHTS and think about things besides food I do ok.


At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

20 lbs in 9 weeks is FANTASTIC! Sounds like you're doing all the right things to me. It helped me when someone pointed out that I didn't put on my weight in a month, so it was unreasonable of me to expect it to go away that fast. Now I look to progress, not perfection.

At 12:03 AM, Blogger linette said...

Hi Claudia. Keep plugging away. You can do it AND you are worth it!


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