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Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Can't Believe it!

I forgot to blog yesterday that I went to the YMCA ... but I did. and I went again this morning. This morning I did what I refer to as "the towel fiasco." It's becoming a pattern. I go to the Y and I grab a towel to wipe the sweat that drips out from under my very cool nike sweat band (which is my only piece of workout clothing). And I put it on the handbar of the treadmill. And most of the time it stays there but sometimes it doesn't. Sometiems it falls off onto the treadmill, getting tangled in my feet. And then it rolls off the treadmill to the end of it and falls with a soft bump (which is a lot softer than the bump I'll make at the end of that treadmill if I ever take it too fast. But I digress.

I am sure that the whole thing is so funny it probbably looks like a comedy routine. I all the sudden panic and wonder what I should do about the it..... should I reach down and try to grab it --nope, already gone. SHould I stop, get off the treadmill (which for me is a major task) and go get the towel? I usually just decide to leave it there, but not before I've removed my feet a couple times from the rotating strip to the side bars and back in indecision.

And, eventually one of the kind souls near me who is walking by picks it up and hands it to me, and I thank them. Fortunately it hasn't been the same person twice.

But I am still pushing myself a little harder every day. But I think tomorrow is going to be my maximum speed per minute. It's already a whole mile an hour faster than I've ever walked on a treadmill previously. And yesterday and today I walked over a mile, something I haven't been able to do without excruciating pain since I hurt my back 18 years ago....


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