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Friday, September 14, 2007

Habit (and Faster, Longer, Harder than Ever)

This morning marks three weeks of me making it to the Y every weekday morning it's been open. (Closed for Labor Day). They say if you can do anything for 3 weeks it becomes a habit. I hope "they" are right...

I started out slow on the treadmill this morning. My back hurt and I figured I'd never make it past the 10 minutes I tell myself I have to walk. But I got past ten and kept going. And then I started speeding up a tenth of a mile per hour every minute. Got higher than I'd ever been and stayed there for five minutes straight.

I've "worked out" for several periods of time during my life, but I have never pushed myself. It feels good to exceed the stats from the day before and to feel as if I am making some progress. I know this week my workouts have gotten my heart rate up and made me sweat more than any I've done in a long time. Probably in 20 years since I used to play raquetball at 6:00 a.m. at SDSU -- back before I injured my back. Weighed a little over half of what I do now then. Wow.

So i feel positive about my progress at least, and even though I drag in the afternoons, it doesn't seem that going from 8 hours to 7 hours of sleep a night is killing me yet.


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