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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Disgruntled, Disillusioned, Disappointed, Dismayed

An Arby's Wrap has 682 Calories. Six Hundred and Eighty Two Calories. Of course, that is with the lettuce, tomato and onion, but I really don't think ordering one without those things is going to decrease the calories much. It has 48 carbs as well.

A grilled chicken sandwich there only has 38 carbs and 396 calories.

And here I had allowed that Wrap to be my exception. I had three of them last week. No wonder I'm gaining weight.

So, what do you have for fast food? Sometimes it is just inevitable for us to not have it... so what do you order? And don't even think about writing down anything that involves lettuce, as it is the most disgusting food ever known to mankind.


At 5:56 PM, Blogger Ann said...

Hi Claudia-
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news about fast food wraps. I learned that little secret from Weight Watchers.

I eat fast food a lot. Remember my romantic drive thru lunches with my husband?? Since you've taken lettuce off the menu, it makes it a little harder to give fast food advice. I'm a fan of McDonald's Southwest Chicken Salad.

Here are a few ideas. If you have a choice between crispy or grilled chicken, go for the grilled. Be careful with dipping sauces. (Ranch, for example, is usually loaded with calories.) Don't "do" the fries! Order a diet pop rather than regular. (Spoken by a former Classic Coke fanatic.)

In my weight loss journey, Subway was the most diet friendly fast food place in town. Lots of great choices there. (Stay away from the mayo and cheese.) I love their selection of baked potato chips. Not as fun as regular, you say? No kidding, but who said losing weight was fun? :-)

Don't give up over the number on the scale! You're doing great!

At 9:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess the best solution would be to avoid traditional fast food and opt for natural fast food.....a baked potato at home, some fruit, a granola bar, yogurt, skim milk, dried cereal, hummus and veggies or crackers, leftover baked chicken in a sandwich you make at home, baby carrots, a banana. Also, I really caution against any soda or not. Artificical sweetners can sometimes sabatoge even the best dieting efforts. I know....easier said than done, but there are a lot of option.s


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