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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Mid-Day Wii Workout

I worked out for 15 minutes, which took about 30 minutes of time by the time I did the body test to only find out that my weight had gone up. Of course, I had just finished lunch so that's probably the reason.

Anyway, I got the second highest score on the balance game with the soccer balls which was no easy feet. And then I got the high score in stepping game, which gave me another 1000 steps on my pedometer as well.

It may not have been much but it got me up and moving in the middle of the day.

Tonight I'm not sure who I am going to get to walk with me as it's the neighbor's birthday and she is going out for dinner. Maybe I'll ride bike instead. That would be interesting. Haven't ridden my bike in a long time. Or get a kid to walk with me.

or maybe

I'll skip it.


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