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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's About How You Feel

Yesterday I used the weight machines and today I did a 25 minute interval workout and 15 minutes of cardio on the bike. While I was doing that I listened to a fitness podcast and my online personal trainer Jonathan Roche was talking about how you feel is what makes people determine how fat you are. Now, mind you, I am not going to ever suggest that people are going to look at me and say, "OOOOH, she is SOOOOO skinny." That would be, well, stupid.

However, I noticed something. Back in July I hit a plateau for about two months. But I was still working out and eating right anyway. During those whole two months people were saying "Wow, you look so good! You've lost some more haven't you." And I had to admit that I was not.

About the time that I stopped working out, people stopped commenting. And nobody has said anything for a while. Last week I started going back to the gym and for the first time in about 3 months people at church said something on Sunday. So I think there may be something to what Jonathan is saying. If I feel like a fat, sedentary, lazy, unmotivated slob I may just look like one. If I feel like a motivated, in control of my life, energetic queen of fitness, I probably look like one.

This morning when I was on the treadmill I began to get that feeling I remember so well. That feeling that nothing is impossible, that I can do anything if I try. And I'm ready to get back on the wagon full force and make things happen again.

It's been a long several months, but I'm BAAAAACK!


At 5:21 PM, Blogger Ann said...

I think you're absolutely right. It's about how you feel. I've been going in the wrong direction since Christmas. (And I haven't felt good about it.) I decided about two weeks ago to get back on track and stem the tide. Within a week I received several comments about looking good. I hadn't lost an ounce and I was certainly the same person I was two weeks before. Attitude...the little thing that makes a big difference!


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