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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Really Don't LIKE working out

On the treadmill this morning I was thinking about how much I really don't like working out. Especially the last interval where I am pushing myself to go 4.0 miles per hour at a 4.5 percent incline. I just hate it. Today my heart rate was up to 168. I still need to figure out what the target should be on that. I would hate to pass out right there on the treadmill. It would cause such a scene.

But I LOVE how it feels when I am done. And that's what I keep telling myself. Along with, "I can do anything for 3 minutes."

Having the pedometer, whether or not it is accurate (grrrr), is fun because it shows me how I am comparing with other clergy and their spouses in our state. I can't believe I"m far above average. Several months ago I would have been the lowest possible number of steps taken per day. Yesterday I was 3,000 steps above the average, and Saturday, 4,000 above average. I'm liking that. I'm a bit competitive, you know.

However, I am NOT beating my husband -- which is good for him, not so good for me. He usually laughs in the face of any kind of competition and is not competitive at all, but this has been motivating for him and it's fun to watch him getting those steps in. He loves to walk and so he goes for several walks a day. I usually accompany him once... but in order to get more steps I have to go with him every time and do my workout. And good grief, I can't be walking ALL day.

I do have to have time to blog about it!


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