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Monday, June 23, 2008

Intervals for Week 2

There are the intervals for week 2. Incline is now at 4.5 %. Each interval is up .1 MPH except the last one (because I am already afraid I'm going to fly off at that stage and to avoid further embarrassment, I think I need to not push my luck).

The recovery intervals are up .1 mph as well.

And during my cool down I added a strength exercise that is part of another workout which I intend to incorporate portions of into mine. Here is it's description:

With the treadmill moving slowly and your right hand on the console, turn to the left so your right shoulder is facing forward. As the belt moves your feet to the left, step your right foot to the right, and then step your left foot to the right. Continue side stepping for 30 seconds. Repeat facing the right side for 30 more seconds. (Works inner and outer thighs and hips).


At 8:33 PM, Blogger Ann said...

Thanks, Claudia. I'm going to give that new exercise a try.

Congratulations on another successful week!


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