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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Today's Exercise

Started the day late .... after sleeping in actually -- and went to the YMCA. Even though my workout got cut off, it was almost 4000 steps (including getting in there and out) so I think my math was fairly accurate.

I did the the full interval workout but had to cut out before my cool down because I screwed something up and the entire missions team group was waiting to leave because i needed to get something to them. I did finish what I am not referring to as the "thing that slightly resembles a jog" for a total of 2 minutes today -- 4.0 mph at 4.0 incline. It's pretty grueling and I have to push myself, usually resulting in my heart rate between 163 and 166.

Tonight Bart was too tired to walk and so we're skipping it. Last night we missed it because I was at the laundromat and the 6 loads I did took longer to dry than I anticipated.

Tomorrow is my day off from the strenuous exercise but hope to at least get a walk in if not two.


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