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Friday, June 20, 2008

Good news about the pedometer

I figured out that I had it set to measure miles instead of steps.

So, if I did the math right, here is what I figure

.03 miles is equal to 100 steps.

so, that means (using my ever so sophisticated 8th grade pre-algebra math, I figure that) .03/100 = .832/x, right?

And so if that is correct then .03 x = .832 which means that the night walk is really 2773 steps instead of 832.

And that means that my workout in the morning is more like 3666 steps. Which I find much more motivating because the goal is something like 5000 a day and between the two walks I would have 6439 steps instead of the 2000 I thought I had.

And, by the way, I will upload my steps to the computer and then I will know for sure if my math is right. I hope it is. But even if it is wrong, I'm still feeling good for the moment.


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