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Monday, June 16, 2008

Thinking Different about Food

Dieting is totally a mind game. It's all about what we think about who we are, about our bodies, about food.

In the past I did the "all or nothing" approach to dieting, which is kind of, if you know me, sort of my approach to life. I'm what some might consider an extremist -- my mind works that way. EIther something or someone is absolutely wonderful, or it isn't. I either want to get the whole project done and done right, or not bother to start. If you mention moderation to me, I run the other way screaming, "no, no, please, anything but that."

But I've started to take a more moderate approach to food and it is serving me well. If start to tell myself "never again" about certain foods, I won't be able to stand it forever. (Although I haven't had a french fry in about ... wow....well months anyway, wait... I'm not going to start thinking about that).

So instead of getting caught up in the "never agains" I have been attempting to think differently. So last night was our anniversary, and my husband wanted to take me out to dinner. So we went, to a nice Italian Bistro, and I had to make a choice. Of course, I wanted the fettucini alfredo with that heavy, yummy, cheesy alfredo sauce poured all over it. Instead, I had almond crusted walleye -- not really something I would have ever ordered before. It had some strange pears sauteed on top and well, let's just say, it wasn't something I normally would have ordered.

But it tasted good. And I ate it... but not all of it. Half of it, and I was completely content. And I had the other half for lunch today and again am content.

And even after that meal later last night than I usually eat, and after having stir-fry at the Mongolian Grill for lunch, I still lost three pounds this week.

So it's working for me. And I'm glad. Who said I couldn't do moderation???


At 2:47 PM, Blogger Mindy said...

I absolutely agree. Moderation is really the key to eating. I have said no to one thing, though...sugar. I just know myself too well and it's way too addictive for me to be able to say "not much, please."

I have a birthday cheat planned for next month, though, and it involves the Cheesecake Factory. We'll see how well I can pull it back together after that one splurge! It will be the first sugar I've had since the beginning of the year. I'm actually kind of nervous, which I know is nuts.

Anyway, re: your previous post, I just want to tell you yet again what a great job I think you're doing!



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