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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Same Thing, Every Day, works for me.

I finally got around to calculating the amount of calories in what is known around here at my house as "The Sandwich." Turns out it has 406 calories. My breakfast bar has 90. It works great that this is what I have to eat because I don't get hungry and I can have 1500 a day and lose weight. So, at 5 pm I still have 1000 left to eat if I choose to.

The lap band helps me to not get hungry, but it's also a mental thing as well.

I do still like to eat out. Yesterday, for example, I went out to eat and ordered a 360 calorie weight watchers sandwich from the Applebees menu. Add 1/2 an apple, two strawberries, and a slice of pineapple that comes on the tray, and I'm still not much past the 500 mark...

I know that there are some people who would be bored stiff eating the same thing every day, but it totally works for me. I don't have to make decisions. And that is where it kills me.

So, for supper I have what Bart fixes, or if we go out to eat, I have an entree that is healthy and save half of it for the next day's breakfast or lunch (Buffalo Wild Wings Naked Tender wrap for breakfast yesterday, thank you very much) ;-)

And once or twice a week, if Bart makes something really good for dessert, I let myself have a small portion (you should have had his blueberry cobbler on Monday night. Oh.... My..... Goodness.

When I am not depriving myself of everything, i seem to do better.

So, maybe I'm boring.

Boring can be good if it means an average of 2.26 pounds lost per week for 15 straight weeks.

yup, boring is good.


At 1:17 PM, Blogger Mindy said...

It's not boring, it's smart. I'm doing very similar things. I eat the exact same breakfast and one of maybe 3 different lunch options every single day. It's the easiest way to control your intake.

What's on The Sandwich? (Have I missed it in a past post?)


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