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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Clothes From the Mall and Moving WALKways

Yesterday Bart made me go clothes shopping. And I shopped at the mall. And things fit.

Grant it, they were still the largest sizes available at the mall, but for so many years there has been nothing that has fit me even in the Plus Size Stores. So this was quite the victory. I still hate shopping, but he says it's a cute outfit. Maybe if I remember I'll have him take a picture today and I"ll post it.

I also found out that walking on the moving walkways is quite speedy. I used to have to lean on the rail to recover from my back pain .... today I just moved right along free of pain.

And as I posted on my other blog, I didn't need a seatbelt extension. A few minor victories, but victories nonetheless.

So even though I'm not watching what I eat at the moment and not losing, I'm not gaining. ANd I'lll be on track again soon.


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