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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Where Else Can You Be Told You're Perfect Again and Again

If you've ever played the Wii fit you know that on the steps program each stepped is either missed, OK, or Perfect. I am kind of getting addicted to seeing the words **Perfect** slash across my screen again and again and again. It's very rewarding.

Today I beat my high score (which was also the family high) on the Advanced Steps game and beat the family score on the Beginning Boxing game (and you think you're all that, Leon!) Spent 41 minutes on it, when 30 was all I planned, but I just wanted to beat that high score...

A couple other interesting tidbits of news. I felt something last night. It was a bone. I really didn't know that there was a bone where this particular bone is.

And the secretary at the Junior High said, "Wow, you've lost a lot of weight since I last saw you."



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