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Monday, October 13, 2008

Starting the Week Happy (even if it could be based on a lie)

I got up this morning and headed to the YMCA, weighing in at 257 again, finally, after gaining. That means that since last week I've lost six pounds.

I thought about going back and checking the scale again to make sure, but decided against it. I figured that even if it was a lie, I could bask in it for a week and be disappointed next week.

I've been doing two things differently that, if it is accurate, may be contributing to it. I've been trying to have something to eat within one hour of getting out of bed. Apparenty this jumpstarts the metabolism. I have been trying to have something for breakfast every day the past 7 months, but I was eating it two or three hours after I got up....

And of course, only one dessert a week.

Salinda joined me for my workout this morning and I outlasted her, which always makes me smile.

Now I just need to keep going... hopefully the scale was right and next week i'll hit a new 14 year low.....


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