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Monday, October 06, 2008

Starting the Week Off Right

I began my week at the YMCA this morning. I have gained another pound and now I am just mad. So, I'm going to have to channel that anger into something positive.

I did my 40 minute workout -- 7 minute warm up on bike, 30 minute interval workout (3.5 incline, 4.4 pushing, 2.8 recovery), 3 minute cool down. For some reason my back is hurting today, but I did the workout anyway.

I have decided to have an all out war -- attacking the weight this week and trying not to slip up on anything. My take it or leave it approach to a lot of the habits I had incorporated this spring and summer is really hurting me.

So that's my plan. I'm going to do everything I'm supposed to do for 7 days and see if it makes a difference. Sigh. It sure doesn't sound fun.


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