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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day Two of This Segment

I tend to do weight loss in segments. It would be really nice if between segments I didn't gain back everything, but thinking about that is just going to make me crabby.

Overslept this morning but was proud of myself -- made it from being dead asleep to being outside Kari's front door in 8 minutes. Spent the 40 minutes on the bike as no treadmills were available (though when I do get back on the treadmill I'm going to have to start real slow -- my lungs still aren't completely recovered from the pneumonia).

But I was pleased to make it there and back since a couple weeks ago I couldn't have even made it from the van into the YMCA. SLow but steady progress is what I'm hoping for.

This week I'm beginning to change my eating habits. This week I will transition my breakfast into what works for me. One Special K bar (90 calories) and two cheese sticks and water or ice tea. Next week I'll work on having what I should for lunch...... historically if I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch and have one serving of whatever is for supper I can lose weight.

It's not that I don't KNOW what to do... it's doing it.


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