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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Mommy, Do You Like Getting Up and Going to the Y?

Sadie is so cute. She's 14 and she still calls me mommy sometimes. Nobody else has done that in years, but it's sweet. So while we were heading to the Y this morning (without Kari I must add) she asks me, "Do you like getting up and going to the Y?"

I responded with a "No, not really. But I like not going less."

Confusing her I had to explain. I don't like exercise. Period. And I don't like getting up at the crack of dawn. But I do like how I feel after I go. I explained to her about endorphins, and how important it was for me to get some time to gather my thoughts before I had to deal with the onslaught of teenage hormones, especially during the school year. I told her that I had tons of energy until mid-afternoon if I got up and got moving early in the morning.

I also explained that sometimes I give myself a really hard challenge at the Y -- like going at 4 mph for a solid three minutes and pushing my heart rate up over 160. That way if I can make myself do it, I figure I have conquered one hard thing in the morning and I can conquer anything else that day.

So no, I don't like to get up and go to the Y. But I like what it does for me and how I feel afterwards. And I've gotten to the point now that the days I don't go are sluggish and icky -- thus, I like not going less than I like going.

And, to top it all off, when Kari does go with me we have a great time. We cut up and laugh and talk about serious stuff and do all kinds of interactive things. My friend Jill, who does not blog, mentioned that I am too serious lately in my writing, but it's because I'm overwhelmed, not because I'm not still flippin HILARIOUS. ;-)

Just ask Justin. He's the 20 something kid that works the early shift at the Y three days a week. My kids think I"m joking when I say he thinks I'm hot, but....


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