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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Really Just Wanna Smack Em

Today there was a woman on "my" treadmill. Actually, it isn't mine completely, but it is the one I signed up for. ANd you'd think that me, Ms. Assertive, would easily be able to walk up to her and say, "hey, I signed up for this one" but instead I just sat on the bike and glared at her very very very skinny butt.

And I thought, Hey, I need that WAY more than you, can't you TELL? I swear she weighed maybe 120 soaking wet, pregnant, and after a huge salty meal where she was retaining water. And I was all, "what in the WORLD is she thinking taking my treadmill?"

But I just sat on the bike until another treadmill was free.

Brave me.

Brave, fat me can't confront skinny fit girl who stole my treadmill.

What is the world coming to?


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