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Monday, January 02, 2012

Back at it...

Well, here we go again. Back in September I started feeling icky and stopped going to the Y altogether and of course, by mid October, I had gained all but four of the pounds back that I had lost in the first part of 2011. I was angry with myself and thus ate even more....

But the first week of November I took a plane trip and walking in the airports nearly killed me because of back pain. I didn't have another flight scheduled til the end of January, so I set a modest goal of losing 20 pounds by then. I went back to the YMCA once that next week and could barely walk back to the van after I was done. The next day it was discovered that I was in "A-fib" and even though the doctor told me that I could exercise, it made me nervous.

I tried to cut out some bad eating habits, and by last MOnday had lost two. This past week I was back at the YMCA taking very small steps. I started at only 7 minutes on the treadmill and increased a minute a day. This week I'm trying to increase my speed a bit. I lost three more pounds!

I know how to lose weight. I've done it before. There are no miracles. My Lap Band Surgery was so easy to cheat it didn't help. The bottom line is that I have to eat less, eat the right things, and exercise. it pretty much sucks that that is the only way to lose weight for me... but it is.

So, here we go again. Anybody want to join me?


At 10:11 AM, Blogger Brenda said...

I'm with you on this Claudia - I've gone wheatless and am walking 30 minutes a day(except when we have gale force rain storms)and hope to get started at the gym next week. I've got some flying to do this spring and would greatly like to do it without the belt expander!!!!


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