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Saturday, July 26, 2008

20,400 Steps

Oh my! I didn't work out,but my husband drug me through 20,400 steps of NYC yesterday. Actually, it was pretty much without pain, so I didn't complain too much.

We started with a walk to breakfast which was about 5 city blocks one way. Then we came back to the apartment. A couple hours later we walked to the You Gotta Believe Office and back (3 blocks one way). After the meeting we walked to the subway, walked around near the Statue of Liberty, but didn't take the Ferry cuz the line was too long. Planning to do that Monday.

Then we walked around Manhattan for a very long time. Bart looked through Trinity Church and St. Paul's Chapel. We checked out the World Trade Center site and the memorial to the firemen who lost their lives. We walked around some more. We walked looking for a place to eat and then we walked back to the subway station, rode the subway, and walked back home. We got back around 7:40 and by 8:50 Bart was ready to leave again. Even though my ankles were swollen and my feet hurt, my back had been relatively free of pain, so I had no good excuse not to go. We had a really good time and you can read about that part here.


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