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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I know this probably won't mean anything to most of you, but....

I have mentioned Jonathan Roche before in my posts. He has the No Excuse Weight Loss System and I have been using his tips and encouragement since June. I recently joined the Momentum Fitness System as Bart bought it for me for my birthday. I have enjoyed being able to post my workouts and receiving so much encouragement from the program.

This morning I needed to know where I could find a workout that I can do in a chair. His No Excuses six minute workout is done from the ground, and I still can't get up and down from the floor very easy.

In fact, the only time I tried it, I tried to do one pushup, and pulled the muscle that is attached to a lung or something -- just my luck. Not like I could stop breathing to avoid the pain. Only I would pull THAT particular muscle. Anyway, I digress.

So this morning I emailed the support team and none other than the famous Jonathan himself emailed me back. We've had a nice interchange this morning and I sort of feel like I have received a personal email from a celebrity.

The one thing that is most amazing about Jonathan is that he has the natural gift of encouragement. His kindness and empathy are so genuine and apparent in what he writes and in everything he says (he has a weekly call in show that I listen to on my IPhone while I work out).

So today Jonathan sent me a personal email that I received after my workout. And that is a pretty great way to start the day.


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