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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Last night and This Morning

Last night Bart and I took Dominyk fishing and Jimmy and Sadie came along. Dominyk fished and we walked around the lake. Ended the day with 9,000 steps.

This morning I made it to the Y and finished the workout, which included a minute of sidestepping on each side. I could feel it in my muscles.

Next week I'm going to add another muscle toning exercise to the workout and maybe increase some of my intervals.

I'm telling you, though, the last 3 minutes of that interval at mph at a 4.5 incline is killer. I barely make it through each time.

So that peak may have to say the same.

When I got home I walked by a couple boxes of fresh donuts that Bart had gotten for the kids for breakfast and later had my 90 calorie granola bar.

I've learned that that stuff I don't even enjoy that much any more. It just tastes so sweet. But I still bet I woulda liked it.


At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are inspiring me. I had WLS 20 years ago- failed miserably. Lost about 50 lbs and then regained and lost it all again about once every 2 years. My knees hurt and I feel sure I'm edging towards diabetes. I think I'm ready....


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