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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Value of this Blog

Even in the midst of this stupid cold, I went to the Y this morning. My back was hurting a little, and I was feeling groggy from cold medicine -- not to mention the sniffling, sneezing,, ok ok, I know, I'm whining.

I was on the treadmill about 10 minute into the 30 minutes and I was telling myself I had to quit early. But then I asked myself, "How will I explain this to my blog readers? I'm going to go home and blog that I didn't finish? And then I started thinking about how I could just not blog or something .... on and on... until finally I concluded that I just needed to finish.

My heart rate was up to 171 this morning and I didn't die, so I guess I'll be OK. I sure did sweat though. And I had in 4200 steps by the time I was done.

I finished 24 ounces of water again already this morning, and my blood sugar was only 123 after exercise.

So even if nobody reads this and nobody cares, just writing it in every day is motivating me a ton.

And for those of you who do read it -- thanks. Knowing you're reading keeps me going and your comments are worth a lot!


At 6:08 PM, Blogger Ann said...

Hi Claudia-
Yes, I'm reading. :-) I had the sore throat you described. I skipped my treadmill Tuesday morning because of it and felt like a "slacker" all day.

I also tend to eat the same two or three things for lunch every day. So....I totally get where you're going with "the sandwich."

And, yes, people that like sweating ARE weird. I'm definitely NOT one of those. :-)

Keep going, Claudia, you're doing great!


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