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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Notice that I changed the name of my blog?

It’s the new year though, so that means that I’m thinking about dieting again. The lap band surgery makes it easier to do so, but if you are intent on cheating it, you certainly can.

I am virtually never hungry.... but, if I only ate when I was hungry in the first place I wouldn’t be fat, right?

So, I went back to the YMCA this week and got on the scale. I’ve gained back 18 of those pounds. Am I frustrated with myself? You better believe it.

So, I’m thinking ahead ... thinking I should go back to blogging, go back to exercising, start eating right. Then maybe I could go back and actually have the lap band filled again so that it will help me.

I hate the whole journey and I am really mad at myself for not following the instructions after paying all the price of surgery. Right now I don’t have a lot of good things to say about the surgery but it is not because it wouldn’t be effective.

My bottom line advice on it at this point is that you can cheat it so easily that if you don’t have the will power, don’t bother.

Anybody else got weight loss goals for the coming year?

Should we try keeping each other accountable? Reporting back via comments?

Of course we aren’t starting until January 2nd. Duh.