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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back at it this morning

At the Y by 5:15, did my workout, came home and had a couple cheesesticks, and now I'm at the computer.

40 minutes -- 25 on the treadmill, 15 on the bike. I think it was hotter in there today because I didn't work any harder but I sure sweat more.

And you wanted to know that...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Regret it every time

Unless it is the end of a hard day and I am very tired, I never regret my decision to get up early and work out. When I do I have a lot of energy for hours afterwards, I feel great, and I'm empowered to do more. I have a sense of pride and accomplishment.

But I always regret it when I choose not to do it. Last night Kari wasn't feeling well and I should have gone to the Y without her this morning, because after all, I went for months without her last year, but I used that as an excuse. And last night, when she had her husband call me to say she couldn't come, I just want it to be known that I referred to her as a spineless wimp not because she was sick and possibly puking, but because she had Mike call to let me know.

Anyway, I digress. So the bottom line is, I don't know why I ever let myself skip a day. I always regret it when I do and then I'm crabby and unmotivated when I sleep in. Not learning from my mistakes. Good grief. You'd think I was one of my kids.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wow... I didn't realize

That it had been since April since I had posted. That's scary. Unfortunately, I gained 10 pounds during that time as well, but this last week lost 2. So I'm eight more than I was a couple months ago and not happy at all.

I'm determined to get back on things. When I left for NYC a year ago I was at an all time low of my life and now I am 23 pounds heavier than that. I'm going to see the same friend I saw last year who was a big part of motivating me on this journey, and I'm determined to not be heavier at least. I'd love to be just a few pounds lighter, but am realizing that probably isn't going to happen. I'm annoyed with myself for gaining some of it back. The nice thing is that I did not get to the point where I was having back pain again. I didn't gain it all back. And I'm still only 8 pounds away from the lightest I had been in about 15 years.

So here we go again. Went to the Y at 5 with Kari and Sadie and her friend joined us. Not a great workout, but better than nothing. And so far I've eaten fairly responsibly this morning.

Hopefully I'm back on the saddle...