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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Love Statistics

According to my pedometer, I have walked 230 miles since July 1st. Isn't that amazing? And since then my average number of steps a day has been beteen 8,000 almost every week since it began.

In addition, I have passed the 10 hours of workout time on the Wii Fit. For the past week or so I have made sure I work out at least 30 minutes a day on the program.

ALways progressing forward ... with the goal of getting in shape, not losing weight.

Next I need to set up doctor's appointments...

A Habit

I hardly think about it any more. I am getting more and more exercise without even planning it.

Friday night I was telling Bart about the Wii Fit and he came down and watched me demonstrate a few of the games. That took me to an hour on the Wii Fit for Friday and we finished the night with a walk around the neighborhood.

Yesterday morning I did the Wii for another half hour and then mid-day Bart announced that we were getting out of the house. The kids were blowing off their chores and responsibilities and watching a forbidden TV channel, so we piled them all into the van and headed for the Red Jacket Trail. We walked for 45 minutes and by the time we were done and came home the kids were in a much better state of mind.

There was a huge stairway -- I only had to stop and rest a couple times. Six months ago I wouldn't have attempted the thing.

So it's becoming a habit. I haven't been watching what I eat enough this week, so I might not lose, but I've been consistently getting 45 minutes to 2 hours of exercise every day in August. And that's amazing considering how sedentary I used to be.

Friday, August 29, 2008

45 Minutes and Sore Arms

I've been kicking butt on the Wii Fit. This morning I went an extra 15 minutes and broke two more minutes. One of them is boxing and I have been really pounding on that punching bag at the end. Enough so that my arms hurt....

I've been eating horribly the last few days though. Shame on me.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

You Know I'm the Champion

These kids have nothing on me.

Set the Advanced Steps Record again on the Wii this morning and set the boxing record. That game really makes me sweat.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Saying Goodbye to the Y and one Bra

The YMCA is closed for the next 5 days for their annual cleaning. Wow. I was thinking back and since March 11th I have been there at least three times a week. That means in a couple weeks it will have been six months of consistent exercise. I have never gone this long and never felt this good.

So I said goodbye to the Y for five days only.

And today I finally threw away one of my old bras. It's just too big around. Can't have that thing falling off.

Wii Workout Last night

I spent another 39 minutes on the Wii Fit last night and tried the boxing program for the first time.

I had already done Basic Steps several times so I was tired and I couldn't sync my steps with my punches and so I was working hard.

When I finished the program's low score led it to say, "Bet you didn't even break out a sweat."

I so wanted to PUNCH that TV...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wii Records are for Breaking

I"m so competitive and so obsessive that the Wii fit keeps me going. I just have to beat each game. This morning I finally got a perfect 655 score on advanced soccer heading. So I can lay that to rest. I had achieved the beginner soccer ball perfect score a couple weeks ago.

Basic Step perfection is now my goal. I missed it by 7 steps this morning Sigh.

But it keeps me moving....

Monday, August 25, 2008

3 times a day

Worked out three times today. Feels good. And I may be boring eating the same thing all the time, but I'm feeling good!

Wii Workout

Mid-day workout -- 31 minutes. Longest mid-day I've done.

Finally beat the soccer ball heading game... and got a high score on Advanced Steps.

Got my heart rate up too.

If I walk with Bart tonight that will be three workouts in one day. Hope it doesn't do me in.

Monday Weigh in report

I was shocked completely to have lost another five pounds this week.

I asked myself... was it Burger King twice that did it? Or possibly it was the apple crisp.... or maybe the blizzard? Could it be last night's nachos?

Maybe it was mixing up the exercise routine....

Who knows. Weight loss is so weird.

But I'm thrilled. That takes me to 43 pounds since March and 53 since a year ago and 63 since my surgery.

My goal was to have lost 50 by next Labor Day and I'm really close to doing so.... I'd be satisfied with 50 pounds by September 10th, which would be six months since I started working out.

Bart is losing too.... his new pants that he couldn't fit into a few weeks ago are fitting and loose. He's been walking so much.

Always feels good to make progress.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Workouts for 2 days

Yesterday was Wii Fit day and I broke records on Advanced Steps (which is quite a workout) and Advanced Soccer Heading which leads me to proclaim to Ricardo often that the score prove I'm the best soccer player in the house. He just says, "You're dumb, mom. You can't even run."

Today I went to the Y and even though I did complete my workout, it was a very difficult one. The guy next to me on the treadmill was running and every 8-17 seconds (yes, I timed him) he would grunt, or moan, or say "whew" very loudly. It was jarring and startling. I finally changed treadmills, but only minutes after I did he quit and left, so I changed again.

Very annoying....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

There's Something About That Feeling

I feel it every time I go to the Y. It happens at the same moment. I have finished my work out. I can feel the sweat in my hair dripping onto my shirt. I have just cleaned off my machine and I have a little wipey in my hand to throw away. I walk to the trash can to throw away the little wipey and walk underneath an air vent. The cold air blows against my sweating face. And I feel like a million bucks.

And I am kind of addicted to it. Yesterday I had sore muscles from the Advanced Steps Wii workout. But the feeling after the interval workout on the treadmill is the best ever.

So I'm going to keep doing it. I'm trying to watch what I eat and get in 40-60 minutes of exercise each day. My back feels great and I'm determined to keep it that way.

If I lose weight, great. If not, at least I feel healthier...

And I get to have that feeling a few times a week.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two Wii Workouts

Did 30 minutes this morning instead of going to the Y and then did 15 minutes at lunch time. not a great workout but not a horrible one.

Anytime I'm moving and getting my heart rate up it can't be a bad thing.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Morning and Back at the Y and a Weigh in

DId a 40 minute workout this morning. 30 minute intervals on the treadmill. Nothing special, but I felt good when I was done.

Didn't gain or lose anything this week -- staying at a loss of 47 this year and 37 since March...

Need to work harder at eating the right things and the right amounts.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Working out Yesterday and Today

Went to the Y yesterday and got in my 40 minute workout on treadmill and bike. Today I just did 32 minutes on the Wii Fit. I figure if I'm sweating and my heart rate is up it saves me about 20 minutes of my day to do it here, though I know that the workouts at the Y are more strenuous. I am going to try to do three of each next week and see how that goes.

My eating this week has been really not good so I am sure I will gain some, but I will keep trying. This has sure been a slump lately.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Falling Off the Wagon, and While I'm there, playing in the dirt and wallowing in the mud

Well, I really went nuts today. Had McDonald's for breakfast. ANd since I did that, sure, a donut at the gas station would be good. Fries for lunch? Why not?

But I am done now. Tomorrow I'll go back to being reasonable.

But I figured while I was down there I should enjoy it.

A Matter of Perspective

Six months ago I literally never moved. I was the most sedentary person you would ever meet. I got up from my chair to go to the bathroom and eat and if I had to give someone a ride I would walk to the van.

And that was my life.

And then in March I started moving.

Yesterday I did two Wii workouts and walked for 25 minutes with Bart. I got over an hour of exercise, But because of the fact that I didn't go to the Y I felt like a slug. Then this morning I worked out on the Wii for 30 minutes because I couldn't sleep last night... and again, I'm feeling less than adequate.

Funny how perspective changes, isn't it? Now an hour a day isn't good enough.

I'm hoping to get back on track and get caught up on my sleep. My body really needs to recover from the way I have been pushing it with not sleeping enough and working out hard.

But I WANT to continue to lose.

Such a conundrum.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Worked Out but Not at the Y

Yesterday I really felt "hammered" by my workout and decided that I should take a day and do something different.

So I slept an extra hour and spent 30 minutes on the Wii Fit. I feel better emotionally when I go to the Y -- don't know why -- but physically I felt better today than yesterday.

I think I've just been pushing myself a little bit too hard and need to vary the workout a bit....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Because you Asked

OK, you asked for this, so I'm giving it to you...

I didn't want to call it a before and after picture because there is so much farther to go.

So here is the before and during picture...

A Little Wiped Out

36 minutes on the treadmill, 1.91 miles. I think I am going to have to start eating some protein before and after my workouts as I am feeling quite drained and my virtual online trainer, Jonathon, tells me through his podcast radio show, that if I feel that way it is because i need protein or water. I'm drinking my water, so I think maybe I need to have some more protein now that i"m going faster and farther.

I did 6 on the bike as well.

I need to keep feeling good after I work out and I think I've pushed my body to the point where I need to be having a little more to eat to replenish.

I also need to start going to bed earlier if I'm going to be getting up at 5....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mid Day Wii Fit Workout

18 minutes -- set new records on Advanced Soccer Heading and Basic Steps.

Got my heart rate up.

Just finished my healthy sandwich.

Granola bar for breakfast.

All is on target for today.

Best Workout So Far -- and Weigh In Day

34 minutes on the treadmill. Went 1.83 miles.

4.5 mph, 3.0 incline for intervals
3.0 mph, 3.0 incline for recovery times.

8 minutes on the bike.

42 minutes total.

Lost a pound.

Down 37 since March 10th. 47 since a year ago. 57 since surgery in January 2005.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Skipping Yesterday was a Stupid Decision

I was dragging all day yesterday without the Y workout. Even though I got more sleep, I just couldn't keep up with myself. I was so tired.

So this morning I didn't make the same mistake again. I slept a little longer than normal, but went to the Y anyway. And I'm so glad I did. I have energy again and feel great.

Who would have thought I would get addicted to the feelings I get after exercise?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

MIdDay Wii WOrkout

My fitness age today is 58. Just because I can't stand on one leg for two minutes.

So what?

DId about 20 minutes for a midday break. Only about 6 of it was cardio -- rest was balance and strength training.

Identical to Yesterday

The workout was identical to yesterday. Sadie came with me. I felt great when I was done.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Another Great Workout

Up to 4% incline
4.4 mph on intervals
3.0 mph resting

total of 32 minutes on treadmill with 1 minute of lunges on each leg, one minute of side steps on each side

total of 8 minutes of warm up and cool down on the bike

Both Salinda and Mercedes went with me.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Best Morning Workout in a while

I think this may be one of the best workouts ever in regards to speed and incline.

Did 32 minutes on the treadmill.

4.4 was my interval speed
3.0 was my recovery speed
3.5% incline

And I did lunches and sidesteps at the end.

8 minutes on the bike, 5 to warm up, 3 to cool down.

Drank 28 ounces of water.

Came home feeling great. If I don't do this first thing in the morning, it doesn't get done, but on the days when I get it done, I always feel great!

Monday, August 04, 2008

A Very Full day

Morning workout for 45 minutes.
Two Wii workouts combined for a total of 32 minutes.
25 minute walk with Bart today.

Total of 102 minutes of exercise.

Probably a record.

Very tired. Worked hard today.

Hoping to go to bed early.

heading those soccer balls

had to beat my score on the soccer ball deal. SO after a few strength exercises I played the dumb thing for 24 minutes until I finally beat my old score. NOt sure it was a great workout, but it beats sitting and doing nothing.

Sticking with It Pays Off

Wow, you can't have a better start to the day than losing 8 pounds. Now, I know it is mostly water weight. And I'm OK with that. Good grief, I don't care what kind of weight it is.

I now weigh less than I have in the past 13 years, one pound down from where I was at my lowest a month ago before I hit this slump. I am so motivated now. I can't believe that I gained or stayed the same for a full month -- how annoying is that -- but I'm so glad that I stuck with it.

I also had a 45 minute workout five minutes longer than usually -- 34 minutes on the treadmill, intervals at 4.3 mph with recovery at 3.0, incline of 3%, putting 4500 steps on the pedometer. I warmed up and recovered for 11 minutes on the bike.

Very empowering morning for me. Now I just have to keep going....

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Wii Fit Mini Workout -- 18 minutes

Such a good stress reducer.

And I got the absolute highest possible score on the soccer-ball heading game. 555. Perfect score it said.

I love to win.

I'll keep working at each game with the same amount of intensity I think. And record my success here for all 12 of you who follow this blog. ;-)

Talk about Stupid

This morning I decided that since it was Saturday, and since I didn't have an agenda today, I would do a 55 minute workout. I actually did the whole 55 minutes. Surprised myself. Spent 35 on the treadmill and 20 on the bike.

And I forgot my pedometer. How much does that stink? I still can't believe it.

Friday, August 01, 2008


I got new shoes today even though i didn't reach my weight loss goal. Consumer reports rated them as the best walking shoes for women.

So far, so good!

Breakfast report from my iPhone

We are enjoying a very quiet and mellow trip to the apple store. As in a place that sells iPhones not a place to buy fruit. We stopped to usethe bathroom (me after my 24 ounces this morning) and bakery treats (everyone else). I ate the 90 calorie granola bar that was in my pocket while I watched Bart eat a huge gooey cinnamon roll with caramel and nuts. I didn't have a single bite.

And for a sick wacko like me that's empowering. I'm not sure why but it was. Not even a tiny little bite.