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Friday, August 31, 2007

I Almost Kinda Enjoyed My Workout

Today I felt like I actually had a workout at the YMCA instead of just going there. I did 20 minutes on the bike and then got on the treadmill. I listened to my Audio Bible thing and then turned on a PodRunner Podcast. The Podrunner is destined to match steps with the beat and I was actually able to keep up speedwalking on the treadmill. The music was propelling me forward -- I could feel it. My heart rate was up.

I managed to stay on the treadmill for 18 minutes. With my back in the shape it is in, I don't think I've been walking for 18 minutes straight like that, at that speed for years. I was even sweating long after I stopped.

SO, I can't exactly say I enjoyed it, but I felt good to have surpassed previous records. The whole endeavor takes over an hour of my day, but I'm sure there are those out there that would say I am adding years to my life...

I guess I probably shouldn't have had that blizzard at DQ last night though....

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Little Later but Still Went

Went to the YMCA again this morning, though a little bit later. The crowd is quite different there at 8 than it is at 6:30. Increased exercise time to 36 minutes, with a plan to be at 40 and stay there starting next week. With my IPhone I can spend the first ten minutes of my bike ride checking my email, which keeps my mind busy and free from internal complaining and also saves me time when I get back to my office. And I can delete the colon cleansing offers and the penis enlargement emails without taking time out of my day to do so. (Must be pretty powerful stuff if it can enlarge mine...)

This morning I am having a raspberry muffin for breakfast as opposed to something like a chocolate brownie. I'm not sure there is much difference in calories or in the health factor, but if I think there is it makes a difference.

I don't know how much my exercise is helping when I do things like have triple berry pie with ice cream at 8:30 p.m., but at least I'm going.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Morning at the YMCA

Played Racquetball with Jimmy for 35 minutes this morning. I really need to lose a little more weight before I do this because my back hurts so. He beat me the first game, but I won the 2nd. Third one didn't get finished. I sweat though. And my heart rate was up. And that all has to be worth something.

Just trying to take this one day at a time. I can't imagine getting addicted to exercise. I honestly do not find it enjoyable. It is to be endured. I know I'm supopsed to be feeling better because I'm doing it, but frankly, I just feel tired.

But I'm not going to stop. I am going to keep taking it one day at a time. If I can do that, I might make it to the next day, and then the next, and the next.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two Days in a Row

After very little sleep last night, I still got up and went to the YMCA. Did 20 minutes on the bike -- 4.38 miles and 12 minutes on the treadmill. My goal is to go up 2 minutes a day until I get to 40, maybe 45... By the time school starts I should be doing about 40 minutes a day.

I feel pretty good now, but if yesterday is any indication, I will be dragging by late afternoon.

Ate very little yesterday, but didn't eat the right things so I felt pretty crappy....

Monday, August 27, 2007

OK, So I'm incredibly Pathetic

It has been six months since I even blogged on this blog.... Pathetic....

A month ago I was incredibly motivated to start thinking about losing weight again by a friend of mine who has lost 110 pounds will sheer will power and determination. Her secret? Exercise and not eating junk.

So, that, and the comment of another person, had me thinking I'd better get busy. So after NACAC I weighed myself and started trying to cut down on the amount of food I was eating as well as monitoring the type of food.

Today I set off to go to the YMCA at 6:30 a.m. I rode the bike for 20 and did the treadmill for 10...

I weighed in and just with cutting down a bit I've lost 7 pounds. A good start.

Now I've got to get serious and see how much more I can lose.