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Monday, June 30, 2008

Feeling Kinda Proud of Myself at the Moment

Bart isn't going to be home tonight and I already have 5629 steps on my pedometer. He and I usually walk at night for another 2500-3000 steps. My typical self would have definitely bailed on walking tonight.

But instead of letting myself do that, I've already called the neighbor across the street to see if she wants to walk tonight instead.

So I'll get those steps in after all. Now that I have it set up, I know I'll get it done.

The pedometer goal for this week is 7,500 steps a day average. Need to make sure I get there.

Adding something in July

Cutting out caffeine and pop starting tomorrow.

One new thing a month...... that's how I've been making progress.

Weekly Weigh in and Intervals

Well, even with the bad end to the week and with my fingers swollen because I retained water from eating too much salt at the picnic, i lost a pound. And I googled "average bowel movement" to discover that it is .4409 pounds and considering I had a bigger than average one (is it bigger, or larger, or heavier .... anyway, I digress) after the Y, I may have lost more. That's OK ... it will show up next week I hope.

So, that is 35 pounds since March 10th. 45 Pounds since last September. 55 pounds since 2 years ago. Still crankiing.

I went up to 5.0 on my incline this week, increased my recovery workout speed to 2.5, did a full minute on each side of sidestepping, and increased one of my interval speeds. Tomorrow I am going to add lunges to my workout.

Here is the description of a lunge:

Lunge Stepping

Holding the front rail, let the belt take your feet back until your arms are extended, then take a large step forward with your right leg. Bending your right knee, lower your left knee toward the belt, then press off with your left foot and stand back up. Continue by stepping forward, alternating legs, for 30 seconds. (Works thighs and butt)

And later today I will announce my thing I'm adding for July....

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Not such a great end to the week

Well, tonight we did the picnic thing. And the problem with a picnic is that the food just sits there and sits there and sits there and it eventually just finds it's way to your mouth.

So I ate too much tonight and I didn't walk tonight -- this is supposed to be my day off and I already had 7,000 steps, so I bailed on the walk.

I'm just sure I didn't lose weight this week -- preparing myself for disappointment in the morning.

Maybe I'll be surprised, but I don't think so.

Encouragement to "Anonymous" who is just thinking about being ready

In response to this comment I want to say this:

Pick ONE thing that you are going to do this week. It doesn't matter what it is. I remember back in early February I chose to quit fast food cold turkey. I had been having McDonald's for breakfast 3-4 times a week and then other fast food meals 3 or 4 times and week and stopped. Just like that. It was only one thing, but it got me going. A couple weeks later, I added having protein bars for breakfast and "the Sandwich" for lunch. And then by March 10th I was back at the Y. And it has kept going like that.

So, pick one thing. Since you're anonymous anyway, put that one thing in a blog comment on this blog. It could be something as simple as drinking more water. Or exercising for 5 minutes. Or anything like that. Just pick one thing for this week and do it.

In fact, just pick one thing and do it today. And tomorrow you'll be able to say "I did it yesterday, so I can do it again today." And before you know it, the week will be over.

So, what's it going to be? Other people can participate here as well...

Need to add more exercise? Need to have a complete physical? Need to drop a bad habit or add a good one? Let's keep each other going.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Last night and This Morning

Last night Bart and I took Dominyk fishing and Jimmy and Sadie came along. Dominyk fished and we walked around the lake. Ended the day with 9,000 steps.

This morning I made it to the Y and finished the workout, which included a minute of sidestepping on each side. I could feel it in my muscles.

Next week I'm going to add another muscle toning exercise to the workout and maybe increase some of my intervals.

I'm telling you, though, the last 3 minutes of that interval at mph at a 4.5 incline is killer. I barely make it through each time.

So that peak may have to say the same.

When I got home I walked by a couple boxes of fresh donuts that Bart had gotten for the kids for breakfast and later had my 90 calorie granola bar.

I've learned that that stuff I don't even enjoy that much any more. It just tastes so sweet. But I still bet I woulda liked it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Sandwich

I may have described "the Sandwich" previously, but it is no big deal. The key for me has been trying soft rye bread. For some reason, this works better for my lap band -- easier to digest apparently. I'm not sure how it compares calorie wise, but it's certainly easier for me to eat.

Just soft rye bread, light mayo, two pieces of turkey (I love Jennie O's Sundried Tomato and Herb flavored turkey) and two pieces of swiss cheese. It has less than 400 calories and if I eat it, and only it, I am satisfied all afternoon, not hungry again. If I eat more than that, I feel too full -- if I eat less, I get hungry.

So I figure if I found just the right thing then why not stick with it.

The Value of this Blog

Even in the midst of this stupid cold, I went to the Y this morning. My back was hurting a little, and I was feeling groggy from cold medicine -- not to mention the sniffling, sneezing,, ok ok, I know, I'm whining.

I was on the treadmill about 10 minute into the 30 minutes and I was telling myself I had to quit early. But then I asked myself, "How will I explain this to my blog readers? I'm going to go home and blog that I didn't finish? And then I started thinking about how I could just not blog or something .... on and on... until finally I concluded that I just needed to finish.

My heart rate was up to 171 this morning and I didn't die, so I guess I'll be OK. I sure did sweat though. And I had in 4200 steps by the time I was done.

I finished 24 ounces of water again already this morning, and my blood sugar was only 123 after exercise.

So even if nobody reads this and nobody cares, just writing it in every day is motivating me a ton.

And for those of you who do read it -- thanks. Knowing you're reading keeps me going and your comments are worth a lot!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Twice in One Day

I am really sweating again. Twice in one day. Not sure what I think about that.

8870 steps already today -- pedometer says that is 2.75 miles. I had all my water drunk by 3:00 and am still drinking more. Didn't eat even 1500 calories today I don't think, and I'm feeling fine. And my blood sugar tonight is 98.

I have noticed that I have started to referring to things as though they will happen. When I go for my lap band fill I will weigh about ____. When I go to the regular doctor in August, I will probably weigh ______. When I go to NYC I"ll weigh about _____.

I realize that counting on two pounds a week will probably backfire at some point, but so far it hasn't. So far I've done it. Why not count on it until it doesn't happen any more?

Doctors and Post-Traumatic Stress

The last time I went to the doctor to get my lap band filled was one of the worst days I can remember in a very long time. It all is like a blur to me. In fact, it was such a blur that I didn't even blog about most of it.. I lost my keys (the valet had them) and frantically searched everywhere for them, I was lost in traffic, I didn't have a coherent thought or action for most of the day. It was one of the worst days ever.

And now I'm supposed to set up another appointment at the same place to go back in July. The more weight i lose, the less effective the lap band is and I need to get it refilled.

I figure if I can make myself make that appointment, ANYBODY can make themselves make a doctor's appointment. And once I go back (and don't get lost or lose my keys or freak out) I'll be able to do it from now on.

The first time back will be hard though.

Same Thing, Every Day, works for me.

I finally got around to calculating the amount of calories in what is known around here at my house as "The Sandwich." Turns out it has 406 calories. My breakfast bar has 90. It works great that this is what I have to eat because I don't get hungry and I can have 1500 a day and lose weight. So, at 5 pm I still have 1000 left to eat if I choose to.

The lap band helps me to not get hungry, but it's also a mental thing as well.

I do still like to eat out. Yesterday, for example, I went out to eat and ordered a 360 calorie weight watchers sandwich from the Applebees menu. Add 1/2 an apple, two strawberries, and a slice of pineapple that comes on the tray, and I'm still not much past the 500 mark...

I know that there are some people who would be bored stiff eating the same thing every day, but it totally works for me. I don't have to make decisions. And that is where it kills me.

So, for supper I have what Bart fixes, or if we go out to eat, I have an entree that is healthy and save half of it for the next day's breakfast or lunch (Buffalo Wild Wings Naked Tender wrap for breakfast yesterday, thank you very much) ;-)

And once or twice a week, if Bart makes something really good for dessert, I let myself have a small portion (you should have had his blueberry cobbler on Monday night. Oh.... My..... Goodness.

When I am not depriving myself of everything, i seem to do better.

So, maybe I'm boring.

Boring can be good if it means an average of 2.26 pounds lost per week for 15 straight weeks.

yup, boring is good.

Very Proud of Him

Bart has been walking a LOT and I'm so proud of him. Last night after our walk I was done. I couldn't make myself go another step.

He went back out and walked another couple miles later in the evening! And he's already been walking this morning while I was at the Y.

His blood sugar was way below target when he checked it last night.

Good job, honey!! I'm proud of you.

That's the Way You Do It

I have been up for 90 minutes.

I already have more steps recorded on the pedometer than I did all day yesterday put together.

I did an interval workout -- the one I posted for the week -- and ended my treadmill workout with 30 seconds of side stepping on each side (and I can feel it in my muscles).

I drank 24 ounces of water -- 8 on the way to the Y -- 8 while on the bike during my cool down time -- and 8 more on the way home.

I have had a shower.

I tried on a pair of pants that I bought two years ago and apparently couldn't fit into because they still had the tags on them. For the first time I'm not regretting my decision to save things until I lost weight. They fit fine and are now encasing my fat butt.

I am empowered and ready to face my day.

Now That's the way to do it...

and I've found that if I do my workouts first thing in the morning that it is almost like I dreamed them. ;-)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sweating Round 2 and I don't Want To Do That Again

Came back from walk with Bart. Really sweating tonight. Not an enjoyable thing to do for me. People who like sweating = weird.

I only ended up without about 4,000 steps today - just couldn't make myself go any longer. I learned today that I have to make myself do it first thing in the morning, or it isn't going to get done. ANd I don't want to miss the Y in the morning again.

So tomorrow, no matter how bad my throat hurts, I'm heading to the Y at six like I should have done this morning.

I drank all my water today... and I stayed within my calories.

But that morning workout is really important for me and my mental health apparently. Who would have thought that something I hate so much could become something that I need to function well. Quite odd actually.

I guess habits -- even ones that are hard to form -- become habits. Hopefully this good one will be as hard to break as some of my bad ones. In fact, hopefully this will be impossible to break -- like some of my other habits -- both good and bad.

Missed a Day

When I woke up with my throat very sore I determined that I would not go to the Y and went back to sleep. Now, a couple hours later, as I'm starting my day with more sleep, I do not feel more refreshed. I feel groggy and out of it. So I guess my body is used to getting going these days and is unhappy that I chose not to do so.

Am also worried I won't be able to force myself to drink as much water today since it hurts so bad to swallow.

I know, I know, I know. Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine.

Good news though: I bought a pair of pants two years ago but hardly wore them because they were so tight. I'm wearing them today and they fit comfortably!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sweating -- NOT my preference

I just returned from my walk with Bart and I am sweating. And I don't like to sweat. At all. Apparently it is hotter than it has been the last few days and thus .... sweat.

I have over 7,000 steps today - which is the daily average goal for the week for our Amazing Pace challenge -- about 2.35 miles.

Bart and I agreed that after another 6 pounds lost I can go get a pair of good walking shoes. Actually he said I could get them now, but I"d rather wait and reward myself with something besides food....

Some more Tools

The USDA has a free service where you can put in what you eat all day and determine how many calories you have had, how it compares to the pyramid, what you need for your own body type, etc... It's actually pretty comprehensive.

I entered everything I've eaten today. I know i'm not exactly a "Nutritional Pyramid Role Model" but it will be interesting to track it all.

I Really Don't LIKE working out

On the treadmill this morning I was thinking about how much I really don't like working out. Especially the last interval where I am pushing myself to go 4.0 miles per hour at a 4.5 percent incline. I just hate it. Today my heart rate was up to 168. I still need to figure out what the target should be on that. I would hate to pass out right there on the treadmill. It would cause such a scene.

But I LOVE how it feels when I am done. And that's what I keep telling myself. Along with, "I can do anything for 3 minutes."

Having the pedometer, whether or not it is accurate (grrrr), is fun because it shows me how I am comparing with other clergy and their spouses in our state. I can't believe I"m far above average. Several months ago I would have been the lowest possible number of steps taken per day. Yesterday I was 3,000 steps above the average, and Saturday, 4,000 above average. I'm liking that. I'm a bit competitive, you know.

However, I am NOT beating my husband -- which is good for him, not so good for me. He usually laughs in the face of any kind of competition and is not competitive at all, but this has been motivating for him and it's fun to watch him getting those steps in. He loves to walk and so he goes for several walks a day. I usually accompany him once... but in order to get more steps I have to go with him every time and do my workout. And good grief, I can't be walking ALL day.

I do have to have time to blog about it!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ending the day today at 9262 or 2.9 miles

A walk to Ricardo's soccer game and taking the long way home with Bart led me to almost 3 miles today.

It's nice to have that sense of accomplishment....

Weight loss for the Week

This graph shows weight loss since March 10, 2008. A total of 34 pounds since that date.

So this week, I'm down another 2 pounds. I keep waiting for an other plateau, but it hasn't happened yet. Only 16 more pounds to go to reach my goal by labor day. That's only 1.6 pounds a week average for the next 10 weeks.

I might just make it!

Don't Think about Pink Elephants (or Pedometers)

I have a twinge of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder... and if I am not supposed to be thinking about something, I think about it all the time.

And I mean I have so many tracks in my mind that it is literally possible for me to think about something all the time while I'm thinking about something else. It's like background music in my head.

I already have things like that in my mind anyway, that distract me from getting things done, but I'm trying now not to let one of them be the lousy pedometer. For example, this morning the treadmill says that I walked 1.43 miles. My pedometer clocked 3396 steps which it says is 1.07 miles whic is 3173.83 steps per mile. However, yesterday I had 11,000 steps which is 3142.85 steps per mile. And the other day I figured out I was supposed to be able to do 3333 or so steps per mile at a ratio of 100 steps per .03 miles.

Anyway, that kind of inaccuracy bugs me.

So that, along with other thing that are always on my mind, is getting distracting. I'm going to have to make myself let it go. Too many other thing worthy of brain space.

Intervals for Week 2

There are the intervals for week 2. Incline is now at 4.5 %. Each interval is up .1 MPH except the last one (because I am already afraid I'm going to fly off at that stage and to avoid further embarrassment, I think I need to not push my luck).

The recovery intervals are up .1 mph as well.

And during my cool down I added a strength exercise that is part of another workout which I intend to incorporate portions of into mine. Here is it's description:

With the treadmill moving slowly and your right hand on the console, turn to the left so your right shoulder is facing forward. As the belt moves your feet to the left, step your right foot to the right, and then step your left foot to the right. Continue side stepping for 30 seconds. Repeat facing the right side for 30 more seconds. (Works inner and outer thighs and hips).

Sunday, June 22, 2008

3.5 miles on my day off

If you would have told me six months ago that I was going to be walking 3.5 miles on my easy day of exercise, I would have laughed at you and said, "NO WAY." But that is what happened today. Even though this is the one day a week that I do not push my body, Bart and I wanted to get some steps in so we walked a while. And between that and my trip around the grocery store and our evening walk, my pedometer registers that I have walked over 3.5 miles so far today -- that's 11,000 steps.

Tomorrow is my weigh in day. I'm hoping to have lost.....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Today's Exercise

Started the day late .... after sleeping in actually -- and went to the YMCA. Even though my workout got cut off, it was almost 4000 steps (including getting in there and out) so I think my math was fairly accurate.

I did the the full interval workout but had to cut out before my cool down because I screwed something up and the entire missions team group was waiting to leave because i needed to get something to them. I did finish what I am not referring to as the "thing that slightly resembles a jog" for a total of 2 minutes today -- 4.0 mph at 4.0 incline. It's pretty grueling and I have to push myself, usually resulting in my heart rate between 163 and 166.

Tonight Bart was too tired to walk and so we're skipping it. Last night we missed it because I was at the laundromat and the 6 loads I did took longer to dry than I anticipated.

Tomorrow is my day off from the strenuous exercise but hope to at least get a walk in if not two.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Good news about the pedometer

I figured out that I had it set to measure miles instead of steps.

So, if I did the math right, here is what I figure

.03 miles is equal to 100 steps.

so, that means (using my ever so sophisticated 8th grade pre-algebra math, I figure that) .03/100 = .832/x, right?

And so if that is correct then .03 x = .832 which means that the night walk is really 2773 steps instead of 832.

And that means that my workout in the morning is more like 3666 steps. Which I find much more motivating because the goal is something like 5000 a day and between the two walks I would have 6439 steps instead of the 2000 I thought I had.

And, by the way, I will upload my steps to the computer and then I will know for sure if my math is right. I hope it is. But even if it is wrong, I'm still feeling good for the moment.


I think that maybe Inertia was more of the concept that I was looking for than is Momentum, but if you know me well, you know that science and physics aren't exactly my forte.

The term "inertia" is more properly understood as a shorthand for "the principle of inertia as described by Newton in Newton's First Law of Motion" which, expressed simply, says: "An object that is not subject to any outside forces moves at a constant velocity, covering equal distances in equal times along a straight-line path." In even simpler terms, inertia means "A body in motion tends to remain in motion, a body at rest tends to remain at rest."

This was my problem for so many years you wouldn't believe it. I preferred to be at rest. All the time if I could help it. If you looked up the word sedentary in the dictionary there was a picture of fat old me sitting behind my computer. Seriously. It might still be there if they haven't updated.

Anyway, inertia is currently working in my favor. After movement I am propelled to more movement. Getting myself to the Y in the morning is becoming less and less difficult. When I am working out I am finding it less of a chore and more fun. When I am done I feel great.

Thinking about going back to the way I was before seems more impossible every day.

You may wonder why I am posting this stuff. Here is the reason. I have never been able to give any advice about this ever. I was the worst candidate in the world for this stuff. And yet I am learning. I am actually studying things about fitness and how they apply to changing ones life in every arena. I guarantee that 9 months ago you wouldn't have seen me googling "ideal heart rate for exercise."

Inertia. I like the idea. I even like the word. Say it with me. Inertia. Come on. You can do it. Say it outloud. Inertia. :-)

Interval Training and Back Pain

I have found that my back isn’t nearly as sore after I do an interval workout. The break every three minutes seems to keep it from getting strained.

Today I did the intervals that I posted below and when I was at the top interval I actually did what I am now referring to as the “thing that slightly resembles a jog” for 1 minute and 30 seconds. I am hoping to push myself to do that for a full 2 minutes of my three minutes at peak spead (4.0 mph at 4% incline). Then next week I am going to redesign my intervals, inching myself up a little higher on each interval and recovering at 2.5 instead of 2.3 mph.

I was dismayed to discover that the workout isn’t much more than 1,000 steps. I had myself convinced it would be more. It’s going to take me a lot of extra walking to get to the first goal of 5,000 steps a day of my exercise time is only 2,000. Bart and I may have to extend our evening walk and I may have to do something else during the day.

I haven’t been testing my blood sugars very often because they were so consistently good, but the past couple days they have been elevated. I think it is because I am taking them right after exercise. Otherwise I can’t imagine what it is as my diet hasn’t changed much. I’ll have to try and remember to check them again at a different time of day.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

831 steps

My walk with Bart was our typical route. I have my pedometer now. I was bummed to find out that the whole walk is only 831 steps. SIgh.

I’m interested to see how many are in my morning routine tomorrow. But I was sure hoping that there would be more than 831 on the night walk, especially since the goal is like 6,000 a day or something outlandish.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Something New for Me This Week

I have been listening to a podcast wtih Jonathon Roche about interval training, so I copied his idea (quite a bit) and came up with my own intervals.

He says:


We’ll have to see if it makes a difference in my weight loss.

Of course, I have to stay away from the chocolate cake that is sitting on the counter too.

These are my intervals for this week. I developed the plan based on past progress. It's a 40 minute workout from start to finish.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's All About Momentum

I'm not a physics major -- far from it -- but I started thinking about momentum today and how it builds and how much this has effected my weight loss and exercise which is ultimately affecting my parenting, spiritual life, marriage, etc.

Here is one definition I found of momentum:

The mass times the velocity of a moving object gives its momentum (p) in kilogram meters per second (kg.m/s). The more momentum, the more damage it can do and harder it is to stop.

Now I don't even want to think about the mathematical equation, but let's picture, metaphorically, any habit as the moving object. How fast it develops and how big (or strong) it is gives it it's momentum. The more you add to it, the more the momentum builds.

I started out in such small steps way back in February. I cut out fast food. That was my first step. In fact, I only cut out fast food breakfasts at first, towards the end of January. Then after a couple weeks, I cut out eating unhealthy stuff when we went out to eat. Momentum started to build. I then started eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch. I decided I should go to the doctor and have my blood levels checked. Then I had my lap band filled (which has helped a little, but really it is only a tool and without the other stuff does nothing). In March I started going to the Y. I did that for a couple months, and then I added evening walks. And this month, I started drinking all 64 ounces of water each day. And the momentum just keeps building.

I love the statement above, "the more momentum, the more damage it can do and harder it is to stop." In the past, I started every diet giving 100% and I burned out so fast. I couldn't do it for more than month or two. But with this gradual building of momentum, I am maintaining. And the weight keeps coming off. And then I am motivated to do more.

The damage this momentum is doing to my fat cells is great and I can't imagine how much it would take to get me to stop now. I can't imagine going back all those steps, when I took each one gradually.

My encouragement to anyone who is thinking about starting weight loss, is just to pick one thing a day you know you can be successful at. And then add something each week. All of us are at different starting points and have different reasons and excuses as to why we can't.

But pick one thing. Comment about it here if it helps. Maybe it is taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Maybe it is climbing the Bethany Steps once a day, maybe it is walking to church instead of driving (saves gas too). Whatever the one thing is you can do it.

Build so much momentum that it's causing lots of damage to your sedentary lifestyle and that is gets harder and harder to stop.

Morning Workout

I will try to post a diagram today sometime but I have started a new interval workout. I spent thirty minutes on the treadmill this morning, and 10 on the bike. Today I peaked doing 4.0 mph at a 4 percent incline for three minutes. In fact, during one part of the workout, I was actually doing this thing that resembled a jog, but only slightly -- for about 40 seconds of that 3 minutes, It made it easier to hold on.

I like the interval workouts because they give me something to do -- watch the minutes tick by and remember to change my speed. :-)

I am going to stick with this workout for a week, increasing only the amount of times that I am doing “the joggish thing”.

Then next week i will increase each of the intervals by a little bit.

If you aren’t understanding what these intervals mean, I think the chart I’ll make later will explain it.

Sadie went with me this morning. It’s always great having her come along.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thinking Different about Food

Dieting is totally a mind game. It's all about what we think about who we are, about our bodies, about food.

In the past I did the "all or nothing" approach to dieting, which is kind of, if you know me, sort of my approach to life. I'm what some might consider an extremist -- my mind works that way. EIther something or someone is absolutely wonderful, or it isn't. I either want to get the whole project done and done right, or not bother to start. If you mention moderation to me, I run the other way screaming, "no, no, please, anything but that."

But I've started to take a more moderate approach to food and it is serving me well. If start to tell myself "never again" about certain foods, I won't be able to stand it forever. (Although I haven't had a french fry in about ... wow....well months anyway, wait... I'm not going to start thinking about that).

So instead of getting caught up in the "never agains" I have been attempting to think differently. So last night was our anniversary, and my husband wanted to take me out to dinner. So we went, to a nice Italian Bistro, and I had to make a choice. Of course, I wanted the fettucini alfredo with that heavy, yummy, cheesy alfredo sauce poured all over it. Instead, I had almond crusted walleye -- not really something I would have ever ordered before. It had some strange pears sauteed on top and well, let's just say, it wasn't something I normally would have ordered.

But it tasted good. And I ate it... but not all of it. Half of it, and I was completely content. And I had the other half for lunch today and again am content.

And even after that meal later last night than I usually eat, and after having stir-fry at the Mongolian Grill for lunch, I still lost three pounds this week.

So it's working for me. And I'm glad. Who said I couldn't do moderation???

Since March 11th....

March 11th is the day I started going back to the YMCA. I weighed myself that day and have every week since.

I thought it would make me feel some continued good feelings of success if I were to make this chart, even though it involves revealing my current weight to the world -- though it isn't as though people really care, do they? I mean, looking at me, you know I'm fat. It's not like a best-kept secret.

So here it is, from March 11th until this morning.

And my goal by the time school starts is only 18 pounds a way. I think that is very realistic -- 18 pounds in 11 weeks....

OK, Now I'm Really Pumped

Just got back from the Y. Sadie came with and this time Leon asked if I would wake him up to go too. I had a good workout which I will blog about later, but get this....

I lost 3 more pounds! That is 8 in the last 2 weeks, 32 in the last 14 weeks, 42 since September and 52 in the last 2 years. Yes, I love statistics, and I love numbers, and I love success.

About now most people are tired of listening to me talk about this, so I'm having to have enough excitement for myself to make it last. And believe me, I do.

I went out to eat twice yesterday and my fingers were swollen with water weight, so I had myself convinced I wasn't going to lose anything this week.

Three more pounds. (she smiles smugly).

And i tried on a pair of pants that were too tight when I bought them a couple years ago and they fit fine -- actually can't even tell they are on, which is how i like my pants. Sorry. Too much information?


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another Walk at Dusk to End a Great Day

I've had a thoroughly enjoyable day. I probably ate more than I should have, but certainly less than I used to. I took a day off from a vigorous workout, but still took a walk with Bart tonight. It was a beautiful walk outside -- perfect temperature, light breeze. Lovely. And we always have great talks.

I have been wanting to get this graphic done for a while. I think it pretty much sums up my pattern. I have sporadically tracked weight loss for the last six years.

And as you can see, I've always quit right around the 280 mark. Must have just stopped losing one or two weeks in a row and given up. But not this time.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Concluding the Day

Finished up the day with another walk with Bart at dusk. Our route takes us about 25-30 minutes and ends with an incline that always hurts my back, but I make it every time.

I listened to an online fitness trainer’s podcasts this week and he suggested that our bodies needed one day when we did not work out. So Sunday, the day of rest in other ways, is going to be that for me. Maybe a walk with Bart, but no YMCA, no treadmill, etc. I’ll enjoy the break, but am ready to hit it hard on Monday again.

One day at a time.

Yes, I think I'll lose Sadie next ;-)

This morning Sadie and I went to the Y a little later than usual. I reached my goal for the week. 18.5 minutes at 3.5 mph with a 3.5 incline and 1.5 minutes at 4.0 with a 3.5 incline. (That’s so fast I have to hang on or I’ll fly off the treadmill, which would not be a pretty site).

I spent a total of 26 minutes on the treadmill and 14 on the exercise bike.

Sadie weighs 90 pounds. I hope by Christmas to say I have lost her.

One day at a time.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I have Lost Wilson (or a bag of dog food)

Since my heaviest weight 2 years ago I have lost 49 pounds. That is exactly how much Wilson weighs.

A pound a way from a 50 pound bag of dog food.


Today's Workout

Sadie and I went to the Y. Tony promises he’ll join us tomorrow. We’ll see.

I reached my goal -- 24 minutes on the treadmill, 16 minutes and 40 seconds of those at 3.5 incline, 3.5 mph, and 1 minute and 20 seconds of 3.5 incline at 4.0 mph! I then did 16 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes to warm up and 6 minutes to cool down.

Tomorrow I will reach the ultimate goal of 18.5 minutes at 3.5/3.5 and 1.5 minutes of 3.5/4.0

Then next week I have a new plan.

I’ll explain that this weekend.

Success feels so good. It is quite addicting.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

And the Answer is...

TONY came to the Y with us. Oppositional and very overweight Tony came, weighed himself to give us a reference point, and then got busy working hard the whole 40 minutes. I was quite proud of him. He really wasn’t even mouthy. I know, shocking. maybe it was because I woke him up so early.

I managed 3.5 mph with a 3.5 incline for 12 minutes and 50 seconds, and 1 minute and 10 seconds at 4.0 mph at a 3.5 upgrade. I’m trying to add just ten seconds a day to that part... but I did increase my heart rate to 166. Is there a point when it gets too high?

I finished out the forty minutes warming up and cooling down on the exercise bike. Tomorrow’s goal? 14 minutes and 40 seconds at 3.5 with 3.5 incline and 1 minute and 20 seconds at 4.0.

I have had a couple glasses of water before noon and am heading up to have “the sandwich” for lunch, having had only a protein bar (110 calories) for breakfast.

Still trucking along, building on success, one day at a time.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why Is it that...

When I have opportunity to eat plenty of calories my lap band kicks in? :-)

Apparently the stress at the table (son, Tony, was relentless again) didn’t assist in my digestion and I was probably chewing too fast. So eating didn’t go so well.

Oh well, it tasted good. And I probably ended up with many fewer calories than I would have otherwise and I still feel quite full.

Anyway, you can fill in the blanks with that story and I’ll spare you the details.

Satisfying Lunch

Some friends asked us to have lunch at the last minute and so we went to Applebees and they have several weight watchers choice. For only 360 calories I had a chicken portobello sandwich and fruit. And I was completely satisfied with that, taking all my calories to only 480 for the day. Bart is making a big supper so I will be able to eat quite a bit if I want to.

It's nice to have something that is healthy taste good and be satisfying. I would have easily consumed 1250 calories of fast food at any given time just a few months ago.

Feels good to make the right choice consistently. And the nice part is that I don't feel deprived.

Back at it With Sadie this morning

Did 10 minutes on the bike. Then headed to the treadmill for 20, 13 of those at 3.5 with a 3.5 incline. Then I tried one minute at 4.0 mph at a 3.5 incline. oh my goodness! that is fast. It seems impossible that I could maintain that speed ever, which is why I want to document here that it seems impossible. Because someday it might not be. And then I can look back and remember...

Two things crossed my mind this morning when I was doing those 14 hard minutes. The first was that I couldn't possibly do it... BUT then I told myself, "Hey, when you are doing doing this you can look back and say, "hey, I just did something I didn't think I could do." And so I did finish just so I could look back and say that.

The second thing that I thought about was how I really only had to do 2 minutes that were impossible, because yesterday I had done 12. So I had already proven I could do the twelve, and what was 2 more?

Mind games, yes, but mind games that breed success instead of mind games that breed failure -- which are the ones I have been playing for years.

One day at a time with everything....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Evening, Another Walk

I enjoyed another walk at dusk with my husband again tonight. When I initially began talking to him about walking, he said that he wanted quiet walking partners, but so far he hasn't plugged in his Ipod once. He and I chat the whole time and get to talk about things we usually don't have time for.

I drank all my 64 ounces of water today and ate below my calorie goal. I'm heading to bed fairly satisfied with myself in this area.

Going to do it again tomorrow!

Sadie the Show Off

I determined that I wasn’t going to start nagging my family about fitness or nutrition but that if I started to be a role model I would strongly encourage anyone to come along.

Today we discovered that if you are 13 you can go into the fitness center with a parent, while if you can’t go alone until you are 14. So Sadie joined me at 6:30 this morning.

I was working hard to reach my goal of 3.5 mph at 3.5 incline for 12 minutes.

I look over and little miss 13 year old show off is on the treadmill going 4.7 mph, running, with an incline of 3.5.

Show off.

The good news is that she would like to go again tomorrow, even if I go at five. And helping my kids create a life of good health and fitness is something I never thought I’d inspire. Feels good.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Hip Hip Horray

I wasn’t expecting much weight loss this week as I was unable to make it to the Y and so my only exercise was walking.

if you’ve been following this blog for very long, you know that two weeks ago I gained back three of the pounds I had lost. I guess I hit a plataeu, and I was not happy about that. In fact, the next weekend I only lost one of the pounds I had gained back, so i was feeling fairly discouraged.

However, I did not give up. Oh boy, did I want to. This is the spot where I always do. In fact, I cannot remembering being lower than the weight I was at last week since before I was married, though i had reached that weight once during my sporadic weight loss attempts, only to gain it back. Obviously I had gotten stuck at this weight before and given up.

So this morning when I got on the scales and realized I had lost FIVE pounds in one week, i was shocked, thrilled, pleased, estatic, motivated, happy, pleased, proud ... ok, lots of positive adjectives.

I am now lower than I can remember being in at least 13 years. It means that I have lost 29 pounds in 13 weels. That means I’ve lost 39 pounds since September, and 49 pounds since my weight loss surgery two years ago.

I told myself weeks ago, that if I lost over 28 pounds (taking me to the lowest weight I could remember) that I would make some graphs and post them here. So stay tuned.

Also, I set an exercise goal for myself for today and reached it. I set the goal to be on the treadmill for a solid 10 minutes (not including warm up or cool down) of 3.5 mph with a 3% incline. And I did it. It is my intention to increase that by two minutes a day over the next few weeks.

Later I will post some graphs. And again, thanks to all of you who have been encouraging me!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Finished the Day

walking with Bart. I know I’m below my calories today too. Still working on the water, but looks like I will reach that goal too!

Its a miracle really

I had a long day of travel with absolutely no back pain. If you have known me for very long then you know it has been at least 15 years since I could say that.

I'm not doing everything I wish I were and I am not losing as much as I had hoped each week but this is such a blessing. I guess it is the "you don't know what you've got til it's gone" thing except in reverse. I didnt realize how much pain was affecting my life until I stopped having it all the time.

A huge thank you to everyone who has been encouraging me. I couldnt have made it even this far without you.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Another day of Vacation

Drank my 64 ounces of water yesterday and walked a mile this morning with my Mom. Had a granola bar for breakfast and plan to eat the sandwich again for lunch.

And this morning I am wearing underwear a size smaller... very big news.

One day at a time....

Health Mission Statement and Goals

I wrote this mission statement on the airplane yesterday.

“To daily work towards a pain-free, disease free, thin, and active lifestyle in order to be around for my husband, children, future grandchildren, and friends for as long as possible.”

I also came up with five daily goals:

1) Consume no more than 2,000 calories a day, shooting for 1500

2) Exercise at least 40 minutes a day, 7 days a week.

3) To keep blood sugar within the acceptable range each day

4) Avoid snacking, fast food, and high fat and/or sugar items.

5) Drink 64 ounces of water per day.

I then took time to break down things to set 3 month goals, with a goal of losing 25 pounds every three months and increasing my exercise by five minutes a day for each quarter.

I then wrote specific exercise goals for each day starting on Monday, June ninth and going for two weeks. I’m going to post those each day.

I think that writing these things down will motivate me and help me to keep going. And, blogging them adds additional accountability.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

doing better today

I walked a mile with my mom this morning and had my granola bar for breakfast. Bought the ingredients I needed to make the sandwich I've been eating for months so I can have that the next three days. Bought healthy stuff for supper too. Yesterday on the plane I wrote a mission statement and some goals but won't type them to post until I am at a keyboard.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Ending the Day Well

Finished another day with a walk with Bart around the neighborhood and a blood sugar that was pretty good after exercise. My back still hurts on the inclines, but I’m happy I’m able to walk at all.

I am going to try to remain motivated....

I’m feeling better about things tonight. We’ll see how things go on vacation. Often vacationing and eating well don’t go well together. But I’‘ll give it a shot....

Something Helpful

I listened to part of this podcast this morning while working out. One of the best things I heard is that each of us needs to have a mission statement and specific written goals when it comes to health and weight loss.

So that is my project for this week while I am in trains, plains, and automobiles. (oh wait, no trains.)

Anybody want to join me?

Today's Trip to the Y

Well, I did go to the Y, later than planned . Did my 40 minutes, but only about 12 of them were strenuous. I just can’t seem to get motivated.

Came home to a blood sugar higher than usual, but that may be because of the exercise.

And I went ahead and weighed in, wanting to change my day to Mondays anyway AND knowing I can’t go to the Y tomorrow as the day will be way too long anyway with a shuttle ride, a 3 hour flight, and a four hour drive. I lost a pound, but I am still up 2 pounds from where I was two weeks ago. This is so frustrating because this is always the point in time where my weightloss stops and I can't seem to push through it. I want to give up so bad.

Exercise will be a little more difficult this week while I'm visiting my folks, but eating right shouldn’t be. My parents are both very careful about what they eat and I’m sure they won’t serve much that I can’t have....

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Finishing the Day

I just drank my last 4 oz of water so I got my 64 in for today. And I had to go to the bathroom. A lot.

I walked for 25 minutes with Bart tonight.

He and I are joining The Amazing Pace, which our denomination is sponsoring for clergy. We will be wearing computerized pedometers provided to us, and upload our steps every day, with a competition between districts. Bart has his already, mine should be coming soon. I'm hoping it will continue to keep me motivated.

Right now I'm feeling very blah about the whole weight loss, exercise thing. I'm unmotivated and sluggish and tempted to give up. But I probably won't. Wouldn't be any point in that.

A Very Cool Site I just Found

If you are looking for healthy eating recipes, check out Greenlitebytes Simple and with watching weight in mind.