Physical, Emotional and Mental steps on my journey towards healthy living on every level

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Adding the Treadmill

Today at the Y I added the treadmill. I'm trying to go slow as my lung capacity is still a bit compromised. So just 8 minutes today, with the plan to add 2 minutes a day until I reach about 30-35 and then I'll warm up and cool down on the bike.

It's not much of a workout when I'm taking it easy, but it does feel good to be up and going early and back on track...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day Two of This Segment

I tend to do weight loss in segments. It would be really nice if between segments I didn't gain back everything, but thinking about that is just going to make me crabby.

Overslept this morning but was proud of myself -- made it from being dead asleep to being outside Kari's front door in 8 minutes. Spent the 40 minutes on the bike as no treadmills were available (though when I do get back on the treadmill I'm going to have to start real slow -- my lungs still aren't completely recovered from the pneumonia).

But I was pleased to make it there and back since a couple weeks ago I couldn't have even made it from the van into the YMCA. SLow but steady progress is what I'm hoping for.

This week I'm beginning to change my eating habits. This week I will transition my breakfast into what works for me. One Special K bar (90 calories) and two cheese sticks and water or ice tea. Next week I'll work on having what I should for lunch...... historically if I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch and have one serving of whatever is for supper I can lose weight.

It's not that I don't KNOW what to do... it's doing it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Back to the Y at 5:10

I love going to the Y at five. Well, actually, let me rephrase that. I love being back home and showered having my exercise out of the way by 6:30. It feels so good to know that I've got my 40 minutes in already. I usually have a lot of energy and am ready to face my day.

This morning I weighed in and surprisingly only gained 11 pounds in the past several months. When I was in the hospital it appeared that I had gained 29, but the difference in scales and my water retention must have made the numbers that high. I'm actually only up 11 and that is much more encouraging.

I'm ready to start the downward trek again, incredibly angry at myself for losing the momentum 18 months ago. Two years ago last week I started my own fitness plan that helped me lose 43 pounds in about 4 months. It involved nothing new or unique -- just diet and exercise. It's time to do it again. But this time I need to keep going.

I was so empowered back then and I need to get my mojo back.........